Saturday, February 4, 2012

Raspberry Lemon Chocolates

That title makes me hungry. *wipes up drool*

I got my ginormous package from Persephone Minerals in the mail a couple of days ago and I had ordered 2 winter collections: Sultry Sweet and Santa's Rockin' Reindeer. Those 2 are on clearance and I tried to link them for you but once again Blogger is being a dick so just google persephone etsy and click on the holiday 2011 link on the left.

errr.. or cut and copy this>

Sultry Sweet is filled with pretty pinks a few browns/tans and really pretty light shades. The whole set is just fun to look at, like her Chibi Moon one (and if you don't have that one yet, you are totally DISOWNED DUDE :D )

I haven't swatched them, not sure I will since they are limited edition and probably gone soon.

Manda already swatched the pretties here>

and here>

The dude and I went to get dessert at some nice restaurant (just dessert cuz we're poor) and supper was pepperoni sticks from Walmart.


So this is the look I did to go eat some pumpkin bread pudding with salted caramel ice cream!!!

Inner lid: Buttermint
Outter lid: Ribbon Candy
Crase: Buche de Noel
Upper crease: Cranberry Sauce
Browbone: Burberry Trench with Divinity on top
Lower liner: Annabelle Bronzed (I think that's what it's called, maybe just "Bronze")
Rimmel almost freakin dry glam eyes mascara with lashes bought from KKCentreHK.
Liner Physician's Formula gel liner

Wow, gotta love my lighting continuity...


Lookie the pretty colours!

This is what you get when you add a photoshop filter

So pretty! But so not what they actually look like (well they actually look pretty but aren't as contrasty as this photo makes them out to be)

Lately it bugs the hell out of me seeing so many blogs/makeupbee photos now photoshopping every freakin picture, even swatch pics, to make something prettier.

Why bother listing what you used, when you've filtered the shit out of everything and the colour no longer looks like the original?

It's not like you go out side, go up to somebody "oh wait sir, let me throw on my magical photoshop glasses so you can see what I want you to see"

That's lying dude.

I could see tweaking it because your lighting was off but slapping a filter on it because it makes it more "vibrant" when it's totally NOT as vibrant as it actually is, just lies.

There are some blogs I do enjoy for the pretty with the photoshopping, but doing swatches with it too, nooooooo. Makes googling stuff harder when all you find and inaccurate shades. Like different montitors aren't wonky enough.

I don't care if it's used to get rid of acne/wrinkles/etc but when you start messing with the shadows themselves, it's misleading.

Over shopping shades probably hurt the company as well, especially indie when people get their order and are like "oh this is nothing like I saw online" and then blame the company, not the person with the PS skills.

Or maybe not, just a guess. I'm just bitchy today. The bread pudding wasn't that great. I want more pepperoni.


  1. these colors are really nice and your look too!!!

  2. The color combo is really pretty on you!

    I agree w/Photoshopping pics - when I look at swatches I want to know what the colors will *actually* look like, not what they *could* look like.

  3. SO pretty!!! Love the combo you came up with!!!

    1. Thank you!! The shades in this collection rock!

  4. Yes, yes, and Yes. Overshopped pictures suck.


    1. :D Cuz I ate mah Wheaties! Actually I don't they sell Wheaties here...

  5. SO SPARKLY :D and omg pumpkin bread pudding and salted caramel ice cream sounds amazing.

    I hate Photoshopped swatches, especially when they've upped the contrast and shit so much that their arm is pure white and the product swatches are neon. It's only acceptable imo if your lighting is off or you're photographing a purple (since purples hate cameras) and you're like 'argh this is what it really looks like, IT'S NOT BLUE'.

    1. The ice cream was wayaayayayayyy better than the bread pudding, I got stuffed from the bread and all I ate before that was 2 scallops lol. SALTY ICE CREAM FTW!

      FUCK PHOTOSHOP! That should be on t-shirts :D

  6. great look, and looking forward to those UNphotoshopped swatches :-))

  7. I love how you've blended all the colours together. Really lovely!

  8. There's a candy bar from Target that's raspberry-lemon-chocolately goodness. Because of that I automatically love this look twice as hard as I would normally.

    1. YUS!! I just realized I spelled raspberry wrong the first time around. I'm full of win lately :s

  9. I agree with you about the photoshopping thing. Yes, your swatches are pretty but they're completely useless. Also, I'm sick of all these blogs with photoshopped makeup looks as well. Yes, I like looking at pretty pictures. I just feel like if I fixed all my pictures it is like making myself look like I'm way better at makeup than I actually am and that feels like lying to me. Gorgeous look, by the way!