Saturday, March 23, 2013

Models Own Hayley's Comet Swatch

Just 1 picture on my stubby nails.  Seche Vite destroyed them so I had to cut them all short. >:(
This is Hayley's Comet from the Models Own Beetlejuice collection. 
Head on it's a brownish red with a green/blueish shine.  Towards the light the green turns pink.
A few places bubbled up but I don't know if that's the polish of if I'm painting them wrong. I didn't use a base or top coat so I don't know if that would have helped or made it worse.
Cool colour anyways.  It reminds me of all my favourite eyeshadows that look like this, like Aromaleigh's Cookie Party, Mac Club, the one shade in Wet n Wilds Night Elf palette, all those sweet red-ish brown shades with the greeny-blue flash.  LOVE
I believe I bought this from Ninja Polish.


  1. How did Seche Vite destroy your nails?

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