Thursday, July 25, 2013

NOTD ~ Vintage Green Sparkle

I make a pretty lousy nail blogger.  My nails curl, my cuticles are usually pretty beat up, I seem to always have one snapping off at the worst spot ever, and I can't figure out the proper camera settings to show it how I see it in real life. Also I don't really clean up stray polish because by that time, my face is already in a book or the dudeman just popped in X-Files and then I just don't care enough to finish.  But this combo needs to be shown!  Even with my lousy nail picture taking skills!

A England She Walks in Beauty is my current favourite top coat polish. I saw that a few months ago Sephora had a dupe called Ice Princess.  I wish I snagged it, A England polishes are kind of a bitch to get.  It's this lovely rose gold/greenish shimmer with light pink hex glitter in 2 sizes, if my eyeballs are working correctly.

And I'm always on the hunt for minty coloured polish and Rainbow Honey delivered!  Mint Flavor.  How I heart thee.

Here is my vintage type look. I say vintage because this reminded me of those super complicated looking nails where the person paints them teal/mint and paints roses on them to look like old wallpaper.  Only I'm far too lazy for that!

*note: ring finger actually has a different polish, I didn't like it and went with SWIB instead)

Femme Fatale's Veil of the Siren on the ring finger.  It's lovely but it looked more mermaidy than the vintage-type colour I was going for.

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