Monday, December 13, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical part III

I'm sorry I didn't post these ones the same day as part I & II. (those were clickable btw..)
Got sidetracked by holiday planning and the such.

Aromaleigh's online store closes tonight, get those last orders in if you can. I'm upset I'll no longer be able to browse through all the pretty colours. It's like telling a MAC junkie all the MAC stores were shutting down. See what kinda hell breaks loose there! That's what's been going on in my head the day Kristen announced the closure. But I know it has to be done, Kristen needs a break and all good things eventually come to an end.

Another thing that saddens me is other people won't get the chance to see how wonderful the shades are anymore if they haven't already. I wore Spells! for my xmas party look and people were asking me where I got my makeup from. I kinda feel like a douchebag saying "you can't buy it anymore". Or maybe this makes it sound extra elusive... :D
But that won't stop me from wearing my AL all bright and awesome!
And besides, hop on over to AL's facebook group and you newbies out there just may be able to get your hands on schtuff by checking the discussions board.

Vault update: vault will stay open until Dec 20th. Vault has Wonderstruck, Spells!, Mythos and the Astronomical collections.

So you have a few days before those are history but I'm gonna say order now so you don't lose that colour you were humming and ho-ing about. Teeheee ho-ing.


Jars of Astronomical hereeee

Now here are the last 7 shades to be swatched from the Astronomical collection.

Row 1: Pulsar, Apogee, Retrograde
Row 2: Extra-galactic, Mega Parsec, Escape Velocity
Row 3: Big Bang

Bottom row: Mega Parsec, Escape Velocity and Big Bang over Pixie Epoxy.

Pulsar: Lovely metallic orange with some green sparks I think I can see.

Apogee: A pinky brown I think with iridescent and red sparks.

Retrograde: Rosey pink, this one reminds me of Lisette from the Bete Noire collection.

Extra-galactic: One of those hard to describe colours for me. A dusky pinkish purple? I don't know :(

Mega Parsec: A pretty kick ass brown with a tad of pink in it to make it not a 100% brown shade. Lovely iridescence and gold sparkles.

Escape Velocity: This shade and Big Bang remind me of the Victoria's Revenge collection. Frig I wish I had bought that entire collection :(
Escapae Velocity is a dark slight blueish grey with crazy rainbow iridecence and sparks

Big Bang: The ultimate dark sparkly shade. Rainbow shimmer all up in this biz! I've included a pic of the inside of the bag for your viewing pleasure :D

Click it to BLOW IT UPPPPP!

Either the bottom right-hand mystery whiteness below is my blanket's reflection or a DAMN GHOSTIE!

So there you haves it!

If you make any last minute orders I wanna know what ya got! :)



  1. GORGEOUS! I love your swatches, especially each different one where we get to see all the glitters and dimensions to it. Apogee and Extragalatic look so pretty.

  2. Thank you :) I thought everyone was gonna say "why does she post the same damn pictures!?!" so I'm glad you can see something different in each one :D

  3. I have them all in Full size !!! I will miss Aromaleigh so badly .

  4. I will have them :) I'll miss AL too :( I dumped 4 applications worth of Wintergreen today and almost cried. 1st time using it and I spill! Not cool!

  5. Omg ze orangeeeeee. And maybe it's a blanket ghost LOL

  6. And it's a pretty sweet orange! That's a shade I'm afraid of but I'd totally consider this one :D