Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday buys

Hullo hullo.

I may be boring you with this post, I don't have many pics, I'm not at home and don't want to bore my family with trying to take my normal insane amount of photos to find the right one :D

I've been lazing away on my holidays that officially started 5:00pm Friday! woohoo!!

And for vacation I still feel insanely busy. People wanna do this, and that. Malls are insane yet I've been one every day since Sunday.

Makeup-wise, I'm having a bitch of a time finding a MAC foundation. The last one I bought, the girl paired me with a NW20 in Studio Sculpt SPF 15. I found I looked too cakey so I returned it. Then a couple days ago I couldn't remember if I was NW20 or NC20 and I wanted the Studio Fix Fluid and the lady there paired me up with NC15 because that foundation dries darker and she said NC20 was too yellow.

Then I get home and see my concealer was NW20 not NC20 so I got the wrong undertones I guess, or maybe the right one but it is definitely too light. In some lighting I can't tell but others I do look too pale. I don't want to make yet ANOTHER return so I'm just gonna use it and try to learn how to bronze and contour I guess :s

In pictures it is REALLY noticeable. The flash is like, BAM CASPER. I'm half native, my dad could pass for Danny Trejo's twin, I should not be wearing the lightest damn shade in a line of foundation. That should have been my first clue.

what else, what else.

Ummm, Sephora trip!

After hating UD's All Nighter spray I decided to give another spray a chance. I bought the brand spankin new De Slick Oil Control makeup setting spray and the De-slick Mattifying powder. I grabbed the powder because I wasn't a huge fan of the De-slick In a Tube mattifying gel. It didn't do much and cost way too damn much to re-purchase.

So far I think they are working pretty good but the real test is going to be once I get back to that crap-tastic job.

And product number 3, Nars Hungry Heart duo. I swatched this one day and loved it but it costs a friggin fortune but being in a province without 7% PST I said what the fuck and tossed it in the bag. It has 2 shades but you really can't tell a difference on skin, especially if you use it over blush. I like it better than my Too Faced Candlelight powder, but I know I paid too much. Oh well, I'm on HOLIDAYS!!! :D And it would probably make a sweet browbone highlight duo.

More junks I bought, Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer.

This stuff feels WEIRD! Kind of powdery but oily at the same time. It was cheap so I wasn't expecting magic but I think so far it's just "meh".

Instead of all the fancy ass powders and sprays and primers I really should just buy some more Fyrinnae Velvet-gel Silica Primer. It doesn't cost a bagilliontrillion dollars and I liked it mucho, been meaning to buy some more for awhile now.

1 last thing I've bought so far, 2 MAC lipsticks!

On Friday I saw the MAC email mentioning the Pink Friday lipstick was available for the very last Friday so I quickly hopped on site and made my purchase.

Nooooo effing clue who Nicki Minaj is, I tried google but got bored. Apparently this shade is to help promote an album she came out with. Bah, don't care, it was pink, I wanted it!

I tried to order this the Friday before but it was sold out. This time I got lucky! And more lucky that Courting Lilac was still available. It's been sold out in all the stores I went too.
And even more lucky I got free express shipping. It shipped yesterday and I got it noon today. AND EVEN MORE LUCKY, I only paid the usual 5%GST and no extra 7%PST! Yay me!! :)

It's sweet when things work out.

Here are a couple of pictures of them. No lip swatches yet. I'll wait til I get home and can pull out more lippies for comparisons.

I hope every one is staying holiday stress free! :)


  1. I have the NARS Hungry Heart duo! I love it because I'm neon-white and no matter how carefully-applied it is, blush shows up like I was shot in the face with a paint gun, but the color in there is so light and makes me sparkly! So, yay!

  2. Omg I'm so jealous, Courting Lilac is gorgeous and even though I've never listened to Nicki Minaj, I wanted that lipstick toooooo.

  3. I don't know who Nicki Minaj is either, so glad I'm not the only one! haha I've heard her music is terrible, though. o.O
    The lipstick looks gorgeous, though. And I've been hunting for Courting Lilac myself, but no dice. It looks so pretty!

  4. Courting Lilac looks the Bomb. Diggety. I have no idea who Nicki Minaj is except she is on some TERRIBLE Will.I.Am song. Man, I want to punch that guy in the nuts.

  5. hahaha you guys are so awesome. I thought I was the only one who didn't know who Nicki Minaj was because even the girlie at work who only listens to techno knows who that woman is and I'm standing there like, uhhhhhhhh is that a dude? lmao
    dull_flame I almost choaked on my cookie reading the paintball part!
    @Robyn most music lately I wanna go on a nut punching spree hahaha

  6. Lol I know who Nicki Minaj is :( Genuinely love her and her music, especially Massive Attack (feat. Sean Garrett). If you're not a fan of mainstream hip hop/rnb then you probably won't like her, though.

    I like the lipstick colour but I'd never be able to pull that off!

  7. That explains it lol. I'm not a hip hop fan at all.
    And for a second I thought you meant she did a song with Massive Attack, now them I've heard of! But google showed me I was still wrong hahaha. I need to pay more attention to my tv or something

  8. Wow! Looks like you got a lot of great things! Hope the rest of your holiday is nice and relaxing!

  9. The Fyrinnae primer is awesome. You can also try that L'Oreal primer. They're both fantastic :)

    I'm sorry you got mis-matched with foundation. I had that problem a LOT. Of course, I also got the world's rudest makeup artist at MAC once who couldn't find a foundation to match me and told me to get a tan :P

    It looks like you had a fabulous time shopping.

    Happy Holidays pretty lady!

  10. Thank you Peach!!

    @Phyrra I need that primer!! I'm hoping my momma may be able to get me a bit of a discount on it. I think it's like $12 here!
    And how rude of that woman! She needs an arse kicking.
    Happy Christmas Eve now!! :)