Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aromaleigh Grab Bag Time

Hullo hullo!

It is now Aromaleigh Pre-order Grab Bag time. (I forgot to mention is was "pre-order", she needs to determine the groups based on ordering. So that means there will be a bit of a wait also.

In an effort to clear out more stock, Kristen is selling off grab bags in different colour families. They will have various shadows and powders in zip baggies, more detail on Kristen's blog.

Also each grab bag has 2 brand new Valentines shades for a total of 8 new shades. Order more than 4 grab bags you're gonna get repeats.

The groups are $16 each and $2.99/bag shipping.
Established international customers can email her to place an order but there is a higher shipping charge, orders will go out via International Priority Mail ($30+) just a heads up.

The groups are:
1. pink/burgundy/wine/red
2. purple/mauve/violet
3. blue/teal
4. brown/buff/neutrals
5. blacks/deeps/greys
6. greens and khakis
7. yellow/gold/bronze/orange
8. rainbow- a little of everything

More details including just what to expect in the bags are in Kristen's Blog

I think I'll go for groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 and pray Dominion is in that "deep" group :D

And since I have no new looks for ya today, I searched through my Flickr and found the start to my Aromaleigh addiction :)
Here is my first order (possible orders plural, but something tells me this was just 1 order)
This was my AL collection September 2009

I bought Italian Ice and Psycho-Candy based on Phyrra's Warrior Woman look
Phyrra, you've created a sparkly monster :D


  1. Awesome ! I just placed my order for 4 grab-bags . Can't wait to see them .

  2. Darn it, I really want to do the same as Luna but this stupid low-buy...gaaaah. :(

  3. Preordered mine last night - can't wait to see the new shades. I also ordered the dark group, if Dominion is in mine I'll happily share it with you!

  4. I ordered Dominion in the last week AL was open; what I got was definitely different than the sample I already had, the jar was tons and tons of sparkle/glitter, less pigment (which is supposed to be like a navy blue). Just be aware.

    I wonder why the heck she's charging upwards of $30 for International Priority when the free Flat Rate boxes you can get from the PO will let you ship up to 4 pounds for more like $14. Yes, she'd only be able to ship a couple grab bags in the box, they're rather small, but still.

  5. Correction: it was Spaceoddity. Dominion is still in the navy family though, I've purchased full jars before for gifts.

  6. I don't know about other ladies but I'm having a really hard time choosing what I'd like to order. D;

  7. I ordered ONE grab bag, the "rainbow". I limited myself, I have WAY too much stuff coming to me already. But at least I'll get a nice range of colors.

  8. @Luna yay!! What bags did you grab?

    @Lady in a Top Hat :( I want to start a low buy next month I think. Too much credit card nonsense!

    @cinseven13 That would be awesome of you! :D Thanks!

    @Shattered I think it costs more to get the tracking and signature to sign for it. All international orders are being sent International Priority with signature because too many people were saying their package got "lost". That's why international ordering was stopped, and why only established customers may continue ordering. I don't mind paying a bit extra, sure it's kind of sucky, but I know I'll get my order fo sho :) Then again, I've never not gotten my AL order, so meh. Just want me shinies lol

    @Kim did you decide, did you decide, did you decide!!?!? :) After I sent my email, I kinda wish I asked for a Pink group, Purple group, another yellow group and a rainbow group. But then I can barely afford the first 4 bags lol. It IS HARD!!

    @dull_flame You have waaaaay more will power than I :D If I was only ordering 1, Rainbow would be the way to go!

  9. I ordered a brown set & a rainbow. I have enough purples in my collection to pave a major highway so figured I'd better leave those alone.

  10. lol that would be a highway I'd LOVE TO SEE! hahahah. I went with a brown set also because of my normal bright lovin nature, I hope I get stuff I didn't think of buying before and I hope I luurves thems :)

  11. Good point on signature requirements. If she's adding Registered Mail onto that, then it makes some sense, but Restricted Delivery means a signature and such, and would still come out to less than $20 total (it's only $4.50). Insurance for $50 or less is $2.30.

    I'm just extremely weary to see $30. I've done enough international shipping for that to look like a bit much.

  12. I ordered group 1,2 , 4 and 6 ! :)

  13. Took me DAYS to decide but I ordered a neutrals bag and a rainbow bag. :D