Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BEEN READING! (Not makeup related NMR)

Oh hi there! I haven't updated sine the 11th because I've been a slave to the Kindle again. I'm pretty sure it's made of crack.

Since the middle of April I've read around 40 books. FORTY EFFING BOOKS! I'm hooked. It's kind of sad. I read until I'm sleepy and cranky and have to be up in 6 hrs, and then wake up, hear the dude in the shower, roll over and grab the Kindle.

I'm a real winner.

Nothing I'm reading is actually brain food, just a bunch of slutty vampire/supernatural stories.
Just in case anyboddeh is wonderin'...

BOOKS SERIES CAUGHT UP ON! (just waiting on new releases now):

Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
(the evil lady who got me hooked to slutty vampire books, or "paranormal romance" but that sounds icky, so slutty it is!) Main chickie Cat is half Vampire and she's pretty ass-kicking fantastic. There are currently 2 spin off books from the series but I don't think they are meant to be their own series. Just a 1 book kind of dealio.

The Hollows series by Kim Harrison (Witches, Vampires, Pixies <3!) Main character is Rachel Morgan, a witch detective who works with a Vampire lady Ivy- who I'm crazy in <3 with and I don't even swing that way - and a pixie dude Jenx. I read these right after reading the Hunger Games when I thought all books were now ruined because I loved those 3 so much, but NOPE! The Hollows series got me addicted so I googled more supernatural series and founnnnnnd>>

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward (it took me longer to get into the storyline but then I got hooked. CHEEEEEESE but in a hilarious way that kept me reading) A bunch of hugemongous Vampires fighting off lessers while hookin up with ze ladies. My favourite character is Qhuinn. 2 coloured eyes, dark hair, pierced and sluttastic. WIN!

Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter. Not vampire-centric but ancient Greek warriors possesed by demons like Disease and Defeat. There are also Angels, Harpies, Gods and Goddesses of course. My favourite characters are Anya (Minor goddess of Anarchy) and Strider keeper of Defeat (who can't lose a challenge without crazy pain, who knows he's made of awesome, and I'm pretty awesome so in fantasy book land WE'D be pretty made of awesome TOOOOGEDDER :) hahaha nerd. I can't wait until his book gets released. You can get the 1st 4 books in a bundle for dirt cheap here

Fallen Angels series by J.R. Ward. So far there are only 2 stories. I pre-ordered the 3rd but didn't realize it wasn't to be released until September still. SO FAR AWAY! I didn't like these as much as the BDB series so far but now that I read the 1st 2, I have to keep going.

Out of all of those the Hollows series is my favourite. I like all the different types of creatures in it.

Next up I think I'm going to tackle the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole. I found that series when I bought the Lords of the Underworld companion guide thingy. There's a Q&A with the authors in it. Orrrr maybe read Gena's Atlantis series.

Anyone else read paranormal *gag* romance *gag* novels and can suggest something? Nothing very werewolfy though. I don't find hairy dogmen hawt and can't get past the whole "OH HEY I'M AN ANIMAL SOMETIMES, BEASTIALITY? OKAY!". The only reason I tolerate the Sookie Stackhouse books is because of Eric. nom nom vampire viking nom.

If anyone read this non-makeup-topic-post long enough, I will post a bunch of EOTD's I did in 1 mega post I think. Nothing was super amazing that I wore but I'll post them in case somebody likes 'em :)

Time for the cropping bonanza.

And here's a picture to look at that I took in Victoria BC. That's a castle. BAD.ASS.


  1. hahah glad someone else admits to paranormal *gag* romance *gag* novel reading. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter is good (does have some wufs in it tho) The same author Laurell K Hamilton writes some fae paranormal romance ones, they are the Merry Gentry books look them up!

    Also Tania Huff (who is canadian) writes the 'Blood series' which is romance/crime investigation of paranormal stuff.

    I mostly have werewolf stuff tho, I have a whole book case devoted to werewolves I think they are super sexay hahaha

  2. Immortals After Dark books are seriously fun to read, plus there are ... like ... 9 of them, or something! I read them all through my library and now feel a need to buy them, because I know I'll want to read them again.

  3. Night Huntress is my favorite series, including the 2 from Night Huntress World series (for side characters). BDB is fun too. I'd suggest Chicagoland Vampires, Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy :)

  4. Oooh the kind of books i like !!!! I'm hooked on everything paranormal/supernatural/vampirish :D

  5. @lycanthropica SCHWEEEEET I will definitely check out Tania Huff and Laurell K Hamilton! I've seen the latter in the library but wasn't sure of the book order. Thank everything for wikipedia :D

    @eRiN I've decided to hit them up next! :)

    @Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty Yes!! I can't wait for a Vlad book. VLAD NEEZ A BOOK!
    And I will check those badboys out! Thank you!

    @Luna Yay!! They are addicting aren't they? :)

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  7. absolutely , once i start reading , i can't stop anymore ! At that moment i live in a fantasy and nobody must even try to disturb me at that moment too :D

  8. I looooove the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but I've fallen behind and haven't read the last couple. I need to get back into reading, I've been such a slacker D:

  9. I like the Night Huntress series and the earlier BDB books too (the last couple weren't as much of a hit for me)

    I'd recommend Lara Adrian's Breed series for more vampire goodness:) I didn't get hooked until the 2nd book though.

    And if you decide to brave something more werewolf-y for a change, Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling books are some of my favourites.

  10. Aarrrggghhh!! I gotta catch up on all those, someone gave a bunch of e-books as a gift and I'm sure the Night Huntress series is there.

  11. Holy crap! 40 books? That's impressive. I really need to start reading again, I haven't read anything but textbooks ****GAAAAAAAAAG********** for ages!
    Th picture you took of the castle is gorgeous!

  12. I know you said you're not into werewolves, but grrrrrl! If you haven't read the Parasol Protectorate books yet (by Gail Carriger), you MUST! AND - I think you'll have a change of heart about werewolf leading men. Conall is kind of...rawr.

  13. hahahaha after the Immortals After Dark books, I don't detest them so much anymore so I will look for those!