Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buttercupcakes for the Birthday Girl

First off, those who were waiting for Sugarpill's Asylum Chromalust to come back in stock, IT'S IN!

Go heeeeeere to snag one.

I shouldn't be buying stuff but I ended up grabing that one along with a Bulletproof pressed and Tipsy and Absinthe Chromalusts. I needed more greens and now I'll have all the pressed shadows. SCORE MANG!

So with Sugarpill on the mind and the pretty kick ass rainbow eye done by Ms Snarky Princess here I wanted to try some funky liner. It's not as wicked awesome as Snarky's liner, I got afearded I would eff it up playing too much. So here's my first try winging out the inner corner.

I used all Sugarpill eyeshadows:
Lid: Birthday Girl
Crease/lower lashline: Poison Plum
Upper crease: Buttercupcake
Browbone/inner corners: Tako
Physicians Formula Glam somethingorother liner for the top
Joe Fresh felt pen liner for the lower liner. It's a bit wonky looking, it was tricky trying to draw a neat line! Friggin lashes in the way.

Andddddd time for my afternoon nap. Yup napping. I must be ill. Have a good weekend!! :)


  1. I agree, gorgeous!

  2. Can't see that you struggled at all with the lash lines. I am so loving those shades!

  3. I love the liner! The inner corner wing looks awesome. :D

  4. Hnngggg love how the liner tapers down on the inner corner :3

  5. I love this! Pink and yellow is always a good choice :)

  6. I'm lovin' this! I have all the presed eyeshadows except the black one as I have a lot of black eyeshadows! I am hoping to collect all of the loose ones as well! I love this look, the liner looks great! I really enjoy what you did with the lower lashline, I may have to steal that.....muahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Pretty! I love the liner on the lower lash line!

  8. Wow, I love what you did with the liner there, it looks awesome!

  9. Girl!!! That eye is fierce!! I love it!! <3

  10. Pretty look! :)

    I tagged you on Top 10 award @

  11. Holy shit, so amazingly pretty! I love, love, LOVE how you used Buttercupcake in the crease - it looks amazing. And I like how you did the inner corner of your lower liner.