Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barbie Loves Aromaleigh, my Barbie Loves Mac look using Aromaleigh

Ever since I saw Panacea81's youtube video on her Barbie Loves Mac look, it's been my favourite colour combo look. I didn't own any of the colours at the time (now have springtime skipper and playful, good ol ebay) I didn't even know a collection existed but it looked fun to do.

This is mac's look

I decided to do my version of the Barbie Loves Mac look using Aromaleigh.

I was going to attempt the look using a different company every day but in a day and a half I'll be going home for Christmas and will be too busy to keep my mind going straight.

Today I used:
Lid: Cricket with Le Mystere 106 on top to tone the lime down (106 on me tends to turn a bit muddy looking by itself) Mac uses Springtime Skipper
Crease: Pure Hues (disc) Tarnish and Pewter mixed together. Mac uses Mothbrown I believe. Not a clue what that is so browny grey seemed to be the colour that came to mind.
Just above crease: Flying Flower. It was tricky to blend my dark line with Flying Flower, that TFSS makes everything stick a little TOO good!
Hilight: Pixie Cup. Mac uses Whistle I think
Below eyes: Cricket with Le Mystere 106 again
Eyeliner: Urban Decay Zero. I need a pencil sharpener asap. This thing was so dull. I carefully drew the line and had to use a slanted eyeliner brush to wing it out, therefore dulling it into a DIVET!
Mascara: Rimmel Glam eyes

Cheeks: Aromaleigh Dolly

Lips: Aromaleigh Headoverheels

Ignore the very "unbarbie hair". Had to go to work. Can't have flowy voluminous hair getting caught in conveyor belt. And the red clashes with the pink anyways :P

I was thinking of using falsies as well but I am not good enough to throw them on quick and then realized it would cover the damn eyeliner I worked so hard to get right!

I hope you like it :)


  1. Very pretty! I don't think I've ever done green and pink together, this has inspired me to try it. :)

  2. Yours is so wearable! MAC has some brilliant marketing photos (that Barbie one is right on the money)...but you took the idea and made it right for you, with what I think is better makeup a lot of the times (at least for eyes). Well done! I'm a makeup artist in film/commercial/print and feel free to stop by- I love questions and comments.

    Thanks again for a pretty blog and look!

  3. This looks sooo amazing! I love it!!

  4. Thank you :) I wish my hair didn't suck so much though, it kinda takes away from the eyes :( I should have done this on a weekend lol