Monday, May 10, 2010


Here's a look I did Saturday along with my look I did today. I don't think I like either but maybe someone will :D

For Saturday I wanted to use my Aromaleigh Rocks and wasn't sure what to use as an eyeliner and then I thought white would be a good idea but I didn't really have a good white eyeliner. I used a white mascara I bought from Walmart around halloween time. TRICK-AY yo! The brush didn't wanna behave because the stuff was thickish (as mascara is) and then when it dried it crusted up (like mascara does) so I'm a total tool there. But ya live ya learn. Etcetera.

I used:

Inner 3rd, Fanclub
Middle, Planetearth
Outer 3rd and lower lashline, Purplerain
NYC colour mascara in Angel Eyes for liner
Browbone, Unicorn because of it's awesome blue glow yet wicked yellow shade oOooo
Rimmel lash maxx black Mascara.

And here's today's look. I was inspired by MS LADY BLIX!! but my mister hogged the shower and took up my morning time and I had to rush through and my look is crap on a stick. I wanted to use a light colour for the crease instead of the other way around. I'm not sure I've done this before so this is what I ended up with.

Main and lower lashline: Zephyr's Breeze
Crease: Glowing Luna (her glowing luna looks more glowy on her than it did on me :sadface)
Browbone highlight and inner corner highlight: Air & Light
Rimmel Lash Maxx black mascara.

I really wish I had time to use an eyeliner. I just looked kinda wonky without.

2 semi-fails! YAY!! I think I'm playing it safe tomorrow and heading back to my golds and stuff.



  1. I llike the white liner idea!
    I also like the green lid ;)

  2. the green lid looks like something i'd wear on work day, i kinda do like it!
    but i see what you mean about the white liner being difficult. first thing that popped to mind was that it looked like clumpy white-out. i loved the pink, blue, purple combination though, so sweet!

  3. I love them both :) I like white liner a lot, i think it looks really good considering you had to use mascara :)

  4. Whoa, you managed to get mascara to do that? That's pretty awesome. Although I see what you mean about it crusting up. *wonders if there's a decent white liquid eyeliner out there...*

  5. Thanks Phyrra! The green one reminded me of grass.

    Hi Farrah! It sure felt like white out too lol

    Thanks Lillian :) Next time I'll just go buy one instead of trying to be crafty.

    Hey Simone! Thank you :) I know there's one made by Prestige (if you go make sure you don't have speakers blaring, it's one of the irritating sites with club music for the first 40 seconds) it's called Popstar I think Bebo uses it here>

  6. I actually really like the white eyeliner (even though its not eyeliner haha) look :D

  7. You applied that white "liner" pretty well for it being mascara. I'd probably look like a child did it if I attempted something like that! It looks like a cotton candy look too. Sweet colours. :-)
    The green is really nice. I always feel weird without liner so I know what you mean.