Saturday, May 1, 2010

Toxic Kittehs

I needed a lil blogger break because I was getting really damn annoyed with my interwebz freezing, computer failing, blogger's pic upload not uploading and, finally, bloggers complete fail to SAVE ALL THE STUFF I TYPED! GRRRRR argggg.

So here's my look from Tuesday.

Stupid technology.


I wanted to use all Meow Cosmetics, the Egyptian Treasures in particular. I do love my metallics. I know when you hit a certain age, it's said that you can't pull off metallics anymore. Well let me tell you world, my mortician will be slathering on the shiniest frikkin gold she can get her hands on (assuming I'll be a really old lady in this scenario, and not like 2 weeks from now from some crazy ass double pneumonia on already weakened scar tissued asthamtic lungs.)

Wouldn't it be scary if that happens now?!? Ick. No more morbid thoughts at 12 am plsthx.

Anywhosies, back to the makeups!

I used:

Main lid: Asp
Outter shade and a bit into the crease: Miw
Browbone highlight: Witty Kitty (k, so this one isn't in the ET line (teeheee) but the others were too metallic for a highlight)
Liner: Artifact
Lash Stylist mascara

*I know the jars are super awesome and see-thru from the bottom, but check out the wicked shimmer in the open jars!! oOoO SHINY!*

And eyeballs:

No full face shots because my face decided to declare war again. greatness.


  1. YUMMERS! I love the Egyptian collection, shiny! I love your look, olives make your eyes sparkle.

    I don't see myself detaining from shiny things, either. I'll probably start wearing purple glitter day to day once I hit 60.

  2. omg that is genius! We'll start and old people shiny glitter trend when we get there :D

  3. Yes, we'll have yearly meetings somewhere warm where our joints don't hurt but where the sun makes our faces sparkle like Cullens on a spring picnic :D

  4. hahahahaha, and to think one day like 15 yrs from now all the youngins won't even know who the Cullens were lol

  5. Holy shitttttttttt Asp and Miw look effing gorgeous on you

  6. OMGorgeous! Miw = <3 <3 <3

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  7. Whoa! Stunning! It reminds me of AL Amarante.:)

  8. I want this collection so bad. Damn no-buy!

  9. I really love the look on you. I think you can always pull off metallics, especially if you mix textures :)

  10. Lovely metallic green, I'd so be caught dead in it too. <3

  11. It looks beautiful! I love the goldy green colour, it's so unusual and beautiful.

  12. Thanks Silhouette!! :D

    Hiya Nea! Thank you :) It's quite a unique green too, I don't have anything else even close to it!

    Hi HeavenNRJ! I can see that, close, but Miw is more acid looking lol, I don't know what word I'm looking for :D

    Hi Jade! That sucks :( Hopefully it stays around for awhile. So far so good :)

    Thanks Phyrra :) Can we always do the sparklies as well? :D

    lmao Kim, Awesome! :)

    Thank you Lillian!

  13. Like! Your blending skills are amazing, too.

  14. These colours are amazing and they look so good on you! I've never tried Meow...*sigh*

  15. Thanks Kanerou!!

    BLIX, WHAT THE HECK!! For realzies??!? oooh man, I'm going to do like a week of all Meow looks to show you what you are missing lol. When halloween comes by you have to get the Coffin liner. They way you line, and coffin is so perfect, you will make them run out of stock lady!