Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nail confetti, top coat PR0N

This is one of those, you can look but you can't has, unless you are an ebay addict kinda posts. Mostly because some of these nail polishes you can no longer get. And the ones you could get in their place, are still kind of hard to get!

I'm talking funky top coats! I have a little box of them, some bottles I've had for 10 years now. I have this weird habit of liking stuff and then not using it because I don't want to waste it. teeeheeee.

Here's a few pic of some of them:

My lil confetti collection, I think the 2 smaller ones you can still get.
L'Oreal jet set in Life of the Party, Crystal Confetti, Maybelline Colorama in Pink Pinata and Ruby Rays

The weird ass set, only wear if you like having your nails snag on your clothes, or tear your nylons to shreds...
Revlon Street Wear in Confetti, Illusion, Definitely Diamonds, Cover Girl Fireworks

And the not to great ones, (except the first one I like it still) Sally Hansen Silver Slingblade (I think this was a halloween 08 colour), Cover Girl Boundless Colour crappy top coats (still available if you're up for disappointment) in Ruby Dust, Amethyst Mist, Disco Dazzle.

And pics of the wearage:
(yeah they be shitty pics :D )

Ruby Rays and Pink Pinata are the same on black polish, so you would be better off just getting Pink Pinata if you want to wear it over light colours, the red may not go well over other colours.

But! I had an idea. Check out the magic that happens when you also layer a matte top coat on top of the confetti polishes!

I just used my Icing Matte About You top coat from Icing. This is great if you want to see the full iridescent effect of the flakes, because you won't get that crap-tastic glare that normal polishes give off, blocking your view of the awesome. And on light polish it looks cool as well because the flakes sort of disappear at a certain angle and you can see them head on still.

Kind of hard to explain, but if you have 1 of each, give it a try!


  1. Aah I'm jealous of your Street Wear polishes! I had never heard of them until a couple weeks ago, when it seemed like they started popping up everywhere. I am really into polish now, and I'd love to score some cool ones on ebay, but I don't want to buy anything from there... too risky.

  2. I know, ebay got really crappy lately, people that have less than perfect scores will shut down their account and open a new one and start fresh again without all the negative feedbacks. Blech.

  3. Ha! I do the same weird thing when it comes to buying something, loving it, then never using it because I don't want to run out.

    I do it with makeup, and even food (condiments that are discontinued, mostly) <-- not fresh food. I'm not THAT nuts.

    It feels good to know I'm not the only one.

    And your blog is awesome, BTW. 'Tis good to see a fellow Canuck being cool, being talented, being funny, and generally kickin' arse. :) Kate

  4. Oh my goodness which of the polishes is on in the first picture? It is so so stunnng! Well they're all stunning but that one is just amazing!
    I'm so jealous you have Revlon Confetti, i want it tonnes but you can only get it for crazy prices on ebay now :(

  5. Hi Kate! That reminded me, speaking of condiments and being Canadian, do you remember Heinz Salsa Ketchup? Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I remember it and it was AWESOME :D

    Hi Lillian! The very first nail pic is the Revlon Crystal Confetti. I really wish they still made them. I think all the cool top coats from a few years back were just before their time. I remember there being weird crackle polish at one point where you paint it over another colour and when it dries it leaves a cracked effect. I was like 12ish when my mom first showed me and I hated it then but now I'd totally buy it lol

  6. They look so gooooood with the matte topcoat *drools*

  7. Howdy! My friend said they looked like dinosaur eggs! I'm so doing this again!

  8. I'm going to have to try and get it on ebay, it looks amazing!
    Also i found some crackle polish, i really want it!
    It's here if you're interested :)

  9. Wow! I do not remember salsa ketchup! It sounds yummy. But in all honestly, I have lived away from my "real" hometown (Vancity, babee!) for almost 15 years. So it may have come and gone all during my absence. Sigh. I have I few years on you, chickadee. :)

    Aside: People who knew me in my youth were stunned to hear that I'd moved away, because as one ex-boyfriend put it, "Kate, you just ARE Vancouver." That brought a tear to my eye, it truly did. :) But life happens; I married a Yank. We move a lot because of his job. In fact, right now I am in Germany. So now I've "lived" in three countries, and I never thought I'd ever even leave the Lower Mainland.
    Ok, why did I just tell you all this? I think it's because I suffer from chronic homesickness, and I think maybe another Canadian will somehow "understand". I think I'm really just rambling now...:P

    One great thing about Germany is they have my beloved HP sauce. I wasn't always able to get that in the states.

    Oh, and to get back to nail polish, I remember that crackle finish, too. I forget which company it was though... I had forgotten about street wear by Revlon until I saw your post. I know I had one of those confetti top coats. But I know I tossed it years ago. I usually do a ruthless purge whenever I move. And let's face it, nail polish gets gummy and gluey. Is gluey a word; I do not think that it is...Ha!

    i just re-read my post. I am TOTALLY rambling. But I'm leaving it "as is" for some lazy reason. :waves:

  10. omg Lillian, that purple one has my name on it!!! Nice!!!

    Hey Kate! I know what ya mean, I don't live in my real hometown anymore :( Calgary is my home home, but for now we're stuck in Winnipeg, home of car thefts, break in's and shanking...over beer :s
    And you can ramble away whenever you want :D I do it alllllll the time. I often lose my point because I get sidetracked all the time hahahah. Even watching the tv listings channel, I takes me like 8 minutes sometimes to find a show because it's such a boring channel and I go to google something quick and then I look at the tv again and it's gone too far in the listings and I have to focus again. :D

  11. Sorry to be a right pest but does the Crystal Confetti have any other name or number on it? I tried searching for it but there are quite a few different shades called crystal confetti :O

  12. Whoopsie! That was my bad, it's called Champagne Toast # 945 :)

  13. Thank you! That one is available on ebay! :D

  14. Dude...YUMMY! I just got my first flakie polish (SH- Hidden Treasure) and I'm loving it, but I also want some of those funky top coats as well.

  15. Great collection. I'm drooling at your street wear definitely diamonds. I'm a horribly addicted to collecting them, lol.

  16. :D Thanks! I got most of mine off ebay a few years ago. It sucks that they just seem to get more and more expensive! Or they look cheap until you get to the shipping part!