Monday, November 8, 2010

I can has an award! Lookie! You may be next dun dun dunnnn


Ever since I started blogging my dumb ol face a year ago (+3 days) it always surprised me someone actually wants to read what I've put out there! I'm not the most positive person in the world and I am annoying so yes, there is genuine shock over here.

So it made me super happy to see that 4 people wish to give me a blog award!

Thanks ladies!!! You made my sick day :)

So the dealio:
1. Say who gave you the award
T, the Bee!
and Makeup Zombie!!

2. List ten things you like:

(In no order, just what pops in my head)

*Smittys pancake syrup, tastes just like french toast crunch cereal.
*My family, little brother just turned 24 yesterday. I only mean little by age, he's a damn Dutch giant. Tallest nation in the world, you can see it in the dudes in my family :)
*Makeup. Of course I like makeup! Or this lil blog wouldn't exist and I would still just be wearing coloured eyeliner and clear mascara.
*Mountains! One day I will live near/in/beside them. I'm from Calgary so we had a view there, but Winnipeg has no view, no rocky goodness :(
*TV shows on DVD. We are bad at remembering show times so tend to miss in-between episodes so we just wait for the dvd. Still need to get True Blood now that I think of it.
*Scents of the last half of the year. Halloweeny candy, dead soggy leaves or pine, minty, awesomeness. Love it all.
*Burberry London cologne. May have to click on "men" at the bottom to see it's notes. It's my mister's favourite cologne and it smells AWESOME.
*Gum. I'm a chewer. But Orbit Watermelon Mist is the nastiest invention ever.
*Diet Pepsi. I need caffeine and I don't drink coffee, so pepsi is my friend. But diet. I eat enough bad foods throughout the day I don't need to drink my calories too! I am one of those people who will get the Bacon Cheddar Angus burger and a diet coke, no ice.

Tharrr be my 10 today! I probably bored you.

3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers

This is the tricky part cuz I never know who actually likes getting these or not! Or who has already been chosen (but repeats are fun anyway!)

Phyrra knows I heart her but I'm taggin' her anyways!
Blix is so badass how can I not pick her
Lady in a top hat! Swatch GALORE
Clever Endeavor. She found me my new hero JPMETZ!
Luna! Seriously, this lady deserves more than 30 followers, her looks are 8000x better than mine!
Annamax! Who is friggin adorable.

Check EVERYBODDEH out! (nominees and nominators) And add for your reading/viewing pleasure :)


  1. You may have an attitude but that's what makes you so enjoyable to read!!

  2. duude, you are so cool for awarding me! i am happy you like my postings! <3

  3. Aww you make me blush girl ! I'm very happy that you love my looks . I'm just an ordinary simple person , who likes to play with make up (like we all , lol), but i feel very honored , haha :D , thanks lovely X <3

  4. I'm so honored you picked me, thank you!

  5. We started our blogs in the same week! I remember you were one of the very first people I started following =)

    BURBERRY LONDON! I have a pretty old version of it, I don't even know if it's the men or women's version. It smells kinda manly but it might just be a more manly women's perfume... love it either way.

    Oh yeah and Diet Pepsi is my favorite tooo

  6. @Elizabeth, your postings are awesome possum! :D

    @Luna your looks are friggin awesome and more people should be stalking you! :)

    @Lady in a Top Hat your welcome!! :)

    @Heather sweeeeet! You were one of the peeps I first started following too! :D I remember you said welcome :)
    & If the dude burberry london version rocks I'd assume the ladys one is just as yummers!
    And I want more pepsi now. My bottle was warm. Uck.