Saturday, November 20, 2010

I hate some people sometimes

I got my drink on last night, not enough to be stumbly and stupid, anymore than my usual stumbly and stupid.

It was my friend's 80's theme birthday bash. It was awesome! My other friend and I kept being asked if we were having fun (being the youngest 2 there by 10+ years) and we were! The music was pretty sweet.

I'm really sick of that "top 10" shit lately, no I do not need to hear Katy Perry every damn half hour, so the radio I listen to at work plays mostly 80's and 90's stuff and that's the awesomeness that was played so it was fun!

I did the makeup for 3 other ladies and loaded the blush up on another (btw Aromaleigh's Rocks blush worked PERFECT! Any shade!) and twas awesome.


My friend (the younger one) and I were scarfing some pizza at a table in front of the dance floor and my other friend's brother was dancing like a goof and the awesome part was, you could totally tell he was the sibling of my friend. They had the SAME MOVES!! He came up to the table and danced for us, shook his butt so of course we were giggling. So was my boss, standing right next to us (family friend of dancer and my older friend)

ENTER BUZZKILL. Some damn hag, (normally I don't care about age, but this bitch reached hag status after this moment) came over and told us, "You just wait until you are 40 or 90 and then all the young people will be laughing at you!" And she walks away with her head held high like she just discovered the cure for cancer.

What.the.fuck.? So if someone's dancing around whipping a huge blond wig around, shaking his thang, you're not supposed to laugh and have fun?

She on purpose singled us out because we were the 25 year olds in a room of 35-45 yr olds. She didn't say shit to my boss who was laughing. She didn't say shit to the other people laughing. She picked us.

After that we just wanted to go home. Who else there also thought we were just balls of shit? We didn't want to find out, so I called my mister and he took me home.

So that folks, is how quick it is for someone to ruin a night with 1 damn sentence.


  1. Sorry your night was spoiled. Sounds like a fun time, aside from that, though!

  2. That is a major bummer. I'm sorry you had to miss out on a good time because someone had a knife up their ass. Are you sure she even belonged at that party? Was she a gate crasher?

  3. @femputer it was awesome! I actually drank beer, and I don't like the stuff lol

    @candiedmango I think she may have been a friend of the other birthday girl. My birthday friend didn't recognize the woman. It was in a little hotel bar so she very well could have just been a stranger.

  4. I swear, some people just aren't worth the DNA it took to make them.

    I had a bad experience recently, too, with someone who was older and she talked down to me because I was younger. I HATE THAT SHIT. I may be 21, but I'm smarter than people seem to take me for. Certainly smarter than her.

  5. Age really is just a number, and you're never too old or too young to have fun. My Mom's 65 and she's the life of any party!!

    That woman was probably cranky when she was in her 20's too. Young jerks just turn into old jerks, you know.

  6. @dull_flame :( that's sucky

    @cinseven heck yeah!! :D And that was probably it, some people just never grow out of their bitchiness :) In another 15 years she'll be telling off another generation

  7. What a tosser. Don't let boring old farts ruin your night... or boring young farts, for that matter.

  8. Wow. You just got a face full of jealousy. Psh, let her be jealous with her Negative Nelly self. Go and get YOUR groove on. :)

  9. Ehh, don't let those types of people ruin it for you. I'm in my 40's and don't feel it. But I get the sideways looks and laughs from young 20's. I just laugh because, like them, I know what they see. But when they get to be my age, this will feel the same way. I enjoy folks that have fun at any age!!!

  10. Ug. Sorry someone was bitchy and ruined your night.

  11. Sorry if ze language offends you, but what a fucking cunt. >=| I would have punched her. Besides, who invited her?! Someone like that doesn't sound like they'd have many friends. >_>

  12. What a w*nker! She was probably drunk, depressed and single...saw this guy dancing for some younger ladies and thought she would make their night as crap as her entire life is!
    You should have come up with something witty and threw it back in her face haha.

  13. :D Silhouette said the word I was thinking lmao. At least I never have to see the turd again. Miserable beyotch!