Friday, November 26, 2010

Sugarpill! Finally!!

Get ur asses on to Sugarpill and take advantage of their Black Friday sale!

Today... THIRTY PERCENT OFF! Code: Pinkweekend

Tomorrow-Monday it's 20% off

If you are a facebook fan check ooot the code there. I won't post it here cuz that kinda defeats the purpose of having a secret code yo! :)

I can finally get the 2 palettes I have been eyeballing all year and Goldilux!
And others. We shall wait when it comes.

Note that orders containing Chromalusts will ship next week. The boxes are getting updated.


It worked out pretty nice this morning. I fell asleep at 11pm but set my alarm for 1am for the Morgana lipstick sale and happened to see Amy tweet that Sugarpill was having a sale. So I was able to squeeze 2 buys in. I shouldn't have but I said fark it. I only get this chance like once a year.

There are pretty pastel lipsticks at Morgana's store and also, GOLD!
It's gonna be hawt with my goldilux.

I have to get ready for work now! Overtime to pay for my impulse shopping, HERE I COME!!


  1. i wish i could buy more!!! but i've spent so much i'm going very poor and the hole in the bank ac is getting VERY big :p

  2. Can't wait to see your looks with your hauls here. WooT!!

  3. I did the exact same thing haha bought from Morgana and Sugarpill.
    $5 pastel lipsticks? Yes. I had to have that mint green one, as impractical as it may be haha

  4. Lol, I'm so mad at these US cosmetic companies and all their discounts !
    Here in Brazil we receive monthly, so in the end of the month is when we have the least money...ugh...It's not their fault, it's just ugh you know ? ehehe

  5. Gaaaah! I want Sugarpill sooo bad! Way to have no money on black friday, right? :(

  6. Damn it! Why do you have to tell me these things!? I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet from my new job and I'll have it spent in like two hours if I'm not careful!

  7. YAY SUGARPILL :D and you won't regret getting Goldilux, everytime I open it I die a little inside (in a completely good way)

  8. WOOT! The most awesome sale EVAR!

  9. Alright, I broke down and ordered ONE eyeshadow, Love+. JUST ONE. I'm rather proud of the way I limited myself.

  10. I managed to get my order in and saved about $40! Hell yes! I ordered while I was on a break at work, kinda hectic! Soo happy tho! :D

  11. As guilty as I felt for spending, it made me feel better to see the before and after sale price and it made me feel better :D
    Yay for Buttercupcake and Love+!!