Monday, September 5, 2011


Hullo there!

Long time no posty, had my face break out very bad and it pretty much killed my blogging mood. It's still really bad so while I try to murder my zits lemmie tell you about an awesome site that was brought to my attention!


Apothica is a webstore that has so many beauty products you could be browsing for hours.

It also shares a cart with Skin Care RX and Skinbotanica. The top right hand corner is where you'll find your cart, keeping track of your order.

Also really nifty, you can log in and see your previous orders! Awesome feature if you're a shopping junkie/hoarder/COLLECTOR(least negative way of putting it :D ) like me and can't remember if you bought something already.

Apothica sells Too Faced! so you can get your primer needs right here baby.

The site is more buyer friendly to US customers though. The parcel is sent Fed Ex with tracking, so it's a tad pricey, but the package won't get lost. Also customs could snag the package and plop on the all wonderful tax/handling charge as well. For some reason Fed Ex felt $10 handling was appropriate, so in the end it was another $19 >:[ LOVE IT

The package also had many free samples to play with, which is always awesome :)

Apothica had sent me a $50 GC so I picked out 2 Too Faced palettes to use the whole amount and then some :) I haven't gotten around to swatching/wearing any of the palettes yet, but as soon as I'm out of my funk I'll be using these a lot.

Here's the Romantic Eye palette

And the Naked Eye palette

I'll try to get these swatched and posted up soon!
In the meantime check out Apothica!


  1. Awesome ! Sounds great , i'm going to check them out ....... right now !!! :D

  2. I agree that the site is friendlier to US customers, I won a $25 gift card and had to pay like $22 to get a tube of TFSI shipped here. It came in a GIGANTIC box (like bigger than the box my Kindle came in) and I was not impressed >:|