Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yet MOAR Buttercupcakey Goodness

This look I did 2 weeks ago methinks.

I used:
Lid: Aromaleigh Love Note
Crease: Sugarpill Cosmetics Bulletproof
Above Crease and Lower lashline: Sugarpill Cosmetics Buttercupcake
Liner and Lower Liner: MAC Black Line
Inner corner: I think I used Lumi
Browbone: I think this was Burberry Trench

And now click here to buy the greatest yellow eyeshadow in the solar system

This is the only look I've done in awhile, I've been reading again! Well, still I guess. Working on the Merry Gentry series, read all of Immortals After Dark (OMG I LOVE THEMZ! Covers are kinda goofy until you hit book 4. Actually 4 and 5's covers kinda suck also, skip to looking at book 6! :D) Read all the current Alien Huntress novels including the newest one I preordered. I'm eagerly waiting for this book to hurry up and be released. I think I tried to preorder that one 3 times because I couldn't remember if I did it already or not. IT'S STRIDER'S STORY! Yeahhh you probably don't know what I'm talking about. Stalk these books down and read em!
If you like these kind of books, on the right hand side where you see the button "Keeper of Strider" click on that and it'll take you to a really cool book review blog for books like these.
What else did I read.......
Oh yeah! The Masters of the Shadowlands books. They have nothing to do with immortal anything, but I really liked them. Turns out I'm not creeped out by BDSM. haha and there go 50 followers.



What else, what else.

Oh look at this monster poutine I ate for dinner

Bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, chicken and of course cheese, fries and gravy.


Until next time folks! :)


  1. i never get tired of buttercupcake! *nod*

    OH MY GAWD that poutine. *drool*

    are you on goodreads? hrmm??

  2. I'm still a bit hesitant to use yellow shadows, but you always make them look so wearable!

    That poutine looks epic...yay for healthy dinners :D

  3. I had to look up just what in the world "poutine" is... all I can say is we are not the only ones who eat some deadly fattening junk food (I'm in the southeastern US)!

  4. Yummie looks delicious :D only the onions ... don't like onions :(

    I love your eyelook and OM*f*G i REALLY NEED buttercupcake !!!! :D

  5. I laughed so hard over THE MORE YOU KNOW! I think you are reading too much. I think you should do more makeup blogging!

  6. Gorgeous look :) I love how you seem to be able to make Buttercupcake look a but mustardy.

  7. ARGH how do you manage to make yellows (especially when you purposely make them look ~dirty) look so awesome. It's like your super power or something.

    Ughhhh that poutine, get in and around my mouth please.

    I'm so behind on reading, it's depressing :(