Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 Random Can't Remember What I Used EOTD's

Look number 1!  Shades remembered: 3  Crease: Supernova from Sleek IMABUTTFACE cosmetics PPQ palette, Lower liner: Stake from Tarte's Trueblood palette, Inner liner: Glinda's Kiss from Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty palette.  Lookie that!  All palette action!

Look 2!  Shades remembered!: Most of 'em maybe! Meow's Neptune's Grotto shades.
Lid main: Chasm, Outter lid: Malawi, crease: Tanganyika, Cocytus was to darken it I think, Inner corner Oddity (Carnival collection)  I copied all that from when I posted it to Facebook so it HAS to be true.  Maybe.  I wasn't even sure what I used them because my brain just saw blue, blue, blue, oh look, another blue.

Look 3!  Shades remembered: 2! This was an accidental smokey eye.  I just wanted to wear eyeliner that day but I drew the line too thick so I decided to smudge it, wasn't going on evenly so I threw some more liner on and smudged it some more to cover most of the lid.
Liner: Mac Pearlglide Intense in Black Line (<3<3<3<3<3forever) crease: Darling Girl Empire of Dirt.  No primers used in this look because I wasn't planning on a "look".

Look 4! Shades remembered: 3!
Lid: Darling Girl Totally Teal
Crease: DG Empire of Dirt
Browbone: DG Chimera (You need to see this magical shade in person.  You'll thank yourself)

Look 5!  Shades remembered: 2
Lid: Aromaleigh Miuccia
Crease: Aromaleigh Bleeding Poppy (Victoria's Revenge)

Last look!  Shades remembered: 0.  It's from almost a month ago :/  I think the lid was Hi-Fi cosmetics Pale Jewel.  The crease may be AL's Grace but I have no clue.

The shiny black eyeliner you see in most of the looks is Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid liner in Perversion.  All this time I was calling it Zero hahaha.  Too many names to know.  The brown liner in the blue look was Physician's Formula gel liner. 

And for more random, here's my dad.

And some more random, newspaper fail, and not just because of the stupid-ass looking Victoria's Secret outfit. 

If you don't get it, wiki here and then read the other headlines.  I didn't get it until my friend pointed it out to me and I had the freakin paper in my hands that morning.

I has no more random for you today.  Just that Detrivore sale I mentioned a post back.


  1. The paper didn't think when they posted those two stories did they!!

  2. LOL I need to do this with some random pics on my laptop. They were saved for a rainy day but I never wrote down what I used for them. derp!
    All your pics are pretty though. Love your eyeliner! :)

  3. I pretty much scrolled through each one going "Oh this is my favorite!" "No! THIS is my favorite!" "NOOOO THIS!"

    Yeah. LOVE them!

  4. Love these looks! They are beautiful, thanks for sharing them!

    Makeup by Rachel

  5. Magnotta.....everybody cut footloose......FAIL BIG TIME!!!!! JEeeeze. It took me a moment, but now I've got it.

    Anyway, your blending is just flawless and amazing in your looks as usual.