Saturday, June 30, 2012

EOTD Detrivore Graveyard Mattes

I lost all my Detrivore samples for a couple of weeks and then earlier today I was digging through my end table and VOILA!  I found em!  They were hiding under my pile 'o crap.  I would take a pic of said pile 'o crap but it's too embarassing.  I thought I looked here already.  Way to win scatterbrains.

Since I never know what colour to wear with this bright ass red hair I was thinking neutrals & used the Detrivore Graveyard collection.  And I used false lashes!  I got them on so perfect (for me anyways) that they didn't hurt no matter how hard I shut my eyes.  That's how I can tell, if they scratch my eyeballs, DOIN IT WRONG!  I'm usually doing it wrong, but not today dudes.  All was going well, until I touched my eyelid with the liquid liner at the very end.


I used:
TFSILemon Drop
Lid: Hearse
Outer lid/crease: Premature Burial
Inner crease: Mourning
Browbone: Embalm
Lower liner: Funeral
Inner corner liner: Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy eyeliner
Upper liner: Urban Decay 24/4 Liquid liner Perversion
False lashes were Halloween ones from 2 yrs ago by Quo, not sure what #.

Look! I made a half-assed colour chart!

1: Hearse
2: Embalm
3: Premature Burial
4: Mourning
5: Funeral
6: Midnight Cowboy

And it's not a makeup blog post without an overly photoshopped look of your face!

 Holy frig that corner of my forehead looks awful.  Stupid hair dye :/  I rinsed forEVER, my hands are all pink, and it still gets all over the place.  Special Effects Blood Red.  You suck.  Sincerely me.

You can get the Graveyard collection here or grab just a few and check out the 10 for $20 sale here.


  1. That looks really really nice!

  2. Holy Crapoli, this is beautiful, darling! I picked up a few colors when the Graveyard collection first came out. :D

    I love reading your blog. Your way with words never fails to put a smile on my face! And you always have awesome makeup and beauty products from all the companies I adore. *.*

    Your hair is beautiful red, and your makeup is lovely as well! I love crazy, tacky, brightass looks, but you make pin-up neutral look enticing!!!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! :)

    1. You just made my entire week lady. Thank you so much! :)

  3. I love the red hair on you, awesome! Great look too! I love the graveyard collection as well hehe. With that great red hair and those brown peepers, go for a green look! :-) xox

    1. Thank you Morgaine! Okie dokie! I think there's even a green in the Graveyard collection I can use for that too :D

  4. I freaking love the names of Detrivore's colors. They're so weird and kind of gross, instead of the boring foofy names you see with a lot of drugstore/mainstream brands.

    1. ahhaha yup yup! I thought it was pretty cool that if anyone asked what colour I was wearing I could say "Funeral".

  5. seriously this names are amazing and also the colors

  6. This look definitely goes well with your hair!!