Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Detrivore Sale!

Oh hai thurr!

Just letting you know Detrivore's "10 for $20" sale is on right now until July 4th!  I finally FINALLY placed an order for full sizes of the Graveyard Collection a few days ago (which has a sweet dealio if you buy them all at once also.)

Limited edition shades are not included in the sale and they are:
Lucid, Prediction, Oracle, Schema, Catatonia, Mollusk, Baleen, Incantation, Cetacea, Lividity, Vaccine, Ectoplasma, and Lurid.
 Fluid, Apocalyptic, and Widow are discontinued so you can't add those dudes either but everything else is fair game.

But srsly guys get the Graveyard Collection.  They are awesome mattes both neutrals and a few funky shades.  I swatched them all here.

Plus I did a pretty damn awesome cut crease with shades from the regular line here (just remember you no can haz Vaccine in this deal).

I've been meaning to swatch all my matte samples but I only got to the pinks and then misplaced the samples somewhere when I got sidetracked.

So you get a quick half-assed swatch post!

Top: Plasma, Creature, Endangered, Artery, Petty
Bottom: Lotus, Starlet, Coma, Facade, Coward

I really like Artery and Starlet and of course the awesome yellow, Coward.  Petty is such a cool orange being like a yellowy-orange.

When I find the rest of the samples I'll do a proper swatch post with all the mattes.  So far I've only found these 10 on my ottoman. 

Link to the mattes !!!

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  1. thanks for the tip! Bought some pretty neutral shades. And btw, it got 20% off. So it only costs 16$!!!