Sunday, September 16, 2012


I've recently been wishing my hair was Rapunzel long because I've been obsessed with curls!  I originally had 2 curler sets, a crimper, 2 different sized curling irons and a 3 prong curler that I used to use all the time but they've all gone to forgotten-land.

Browsing ebay for Korean makeup I saw a shop sold Curlformers.  Well, Curlformer knock offs, but I completely forgot these things existed!

Searching some more I found they also go by the name Magic Leverag, and many posts just say there is no name, just factory direct.  Either way they all do the same task.  GIVE YOU AWESOME CURLING ACTION!

Curlformers/Magic Leverag resemble telephone cords.  They are tight hollow spirals you shove a hook inside (usually comes with one), grab a bit of hair you twist a bit to get a good hook, then squeeze open the end and pull it through.  It takes a bit of practice.  The first time I tried these I was having to re-do the same spot over and over and thought for sure I'd have a bald spot with how many times my hair got knotted through the tube.  It wasn't until the end when I realized it works best if you squeeze that top part open so it glides on through.  The second time around went much faster and I only had to re-do 1 part once.

Youtube has videos on how to use them incase you need the visual, and my descriptions are crap :)

Ebay is so confusing.  There are 3 different types and 2 lengths to consider.  I bought a set of 24 Extra Long & Wide (orange and light pink).  Long & Wide or Short & Wide would have worked also but I don't plan on cutting my hair any time soon, so these will be good for a long time.
There are also Narrow ones that are a light blue and green set.  They come in Long and Short also.
And there are Long & Extra wide which are the yellow/hot pink set.  Just the 1 length.  I really want that set!  The wider the set the bigger the curl.
I even saw a set that looked wider than the yellow/hot pink set that was blue and pink.  I believe they said it was 2 inch curls.  They'd be awesome for wavy hair.

Sallys sells the name branded Curlformers but they were crazy expensive.  6 each was $14 and hook was separate.  I bought my set of 24 with a hook for $16 and free shipping on ebay. 

The huge pack with 2 hooks and storage bag are $70 for 40.  No thank you.

Ebay also likes to play tricks.  I bought my set for $16/free ship (price is down a bit now) but the same place has a listing for almost $10 but $6.50 shipping, so it works out to about the same price, you just think you're paying less at first.

Just look around by searching for curlformers or magic leverag and sort by price + shipping lowest and scroll until something jumps out at you and you'll be good.  Just pay attention to length.  A bunch of listings show little curlformers but the model has crazy long hair.  Not gonna work.

To get my curls so they'd be ready for dinner, I showered first thing in the morning, towel dried, put in some leave-in conditioner, popped them in and left them for about 7 hours.  Before pulling them out I used my blow dryer on them to heat them a bit just incase they weren't totally dry yet.  After pulling them out I carefully separated them in half and added a ton of hairspray.  My hair doesn't hold curls very well, so I used a extra strength one that made them kinda crunchy.  S'ALL GOOD.

That's them right before removal.  You can see my hair doesn't come close to filling them.


Makeup was the Sleek Ultra Mattes bright palette.

Curlformers are also kind of multi-purpose!  Wisely-Chosen/Melanie uses them to dye individual parts of her hair.

You've probably seen her before.  Her rainbow hair picture gets stolen without permission and floats around Tumblr all.the.time.  Now you know who owns that head!  THIS PRETTEH LADEH!


I love her Flickr stream.  So much sparkly rainbowy happiness.


  1. Your hair looks amazing! I've never heard of curlformers, they look much more effective than rollers.

    1. Thanks! I wore the foam rollers a few weeks ago but they don't make an even enough curl. I ended up throwing it all up in a clip, because I felt like a poodle!

  2. Oh how I love Wisely-Chosen! She is definitely my unnaturally colored hair icon.

    1. I looove her pastel rainbow hair!! I love it all! But PASTEL! and RAINBOW! :D

  3. SWEET! I am drooling over those curls! I am currently attempting to grow out my hair, I am so sick of it being short!

    1. I hear ya! My incentive was being able to put a clip on my hair lol. I hate hair in my face so when the day came where I was able to pull it back? JACKPOT!

  4. Ermahgerd- I am seriously swooning over this! Your hair is absolutely adorable in those curls! And your makeup is so wonderful!

  5. Your curls are slobber-worthy!
    I'm waiting on a set of these right now =3 but I'm intrigued about the wider ones you mentioned- do you have a link at all?
    I can only seem to find the genuine ones in extra wide, and would love to find a cheaper set!

    1. Hello! I can't find the mega wide set anymore! I was just looking for it last night. I can only find the pink and yellow extra wide sets

  6. Thanks for getting back to me! Those were the only ones I could find too, when I went looking. Ah, well! Have ordered a set in this size anyhoo, can't wait to try them out after seeing your results ^-^

  7. Thanks for the review! <3 :D I can't wait to try them out!