Saturday, September 29, 2012

EOTD ~ Rapunzel is Dead

This was a look that ended up being too dark for me at first but I remember Mandy sticking Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions on top another shade for a neato gold look and tried it and VOILA!

I used:
TFSI Lemon Drop
Fyrinnae PE just on lid
Lid/lower lashline: Persephone's Dead Ringer (last years Halloween collection)
Centre lid: Fyrinnae's Rapunzel Had Extensions
Crease: Fyrinnae's Te Amo
Inner lower lashline: Meow's Prophecy
Liner: Physician's Formula brown eyes gel liner
Lashes are demi wispies from Target.  Came in a 4 pack.

Annnnnd here's a picture from the Rush concert I went to on Wednesday

What does it have to do with anything?  IT DOESN'T! That's how I roll.

I think this was my favourite concert so far and I've seen Prince, Britney, Manson, and a schwackload of others my sleepy brain can't think of.  I liked all the background stuff and screens.  It was like a steampunk circus.  So much fun to watch!  The last song especially.  I think it was called The Garden.  The little screens had vines with flowers and little bugs.  I was in the nosebleeds but the screens were so crisp and clear I was able to see everything even though I forgot my glasses.  The Prince screens weren't even that good. 

Oh and there was this mini-movie going on in between that had Jay Baruchel looking for the Watchmaker.  I loooooove Jay Baruchel.  He's just so cute to look at.  AND CANADIAN!  Like Rush!  SO MUCH CANADIA.  :D 

I have nuthin' more to say. 


I lied.


  1. Ermahgerd- this is SO SO SO prettah! I love how you do your makeup. And the colors are so pretty together and blend so seamlessly. Ahhh! I'm so glad I bought Dead Ringer before Persephone closed- I'm going to try this look tomorrow. I know mine won't turn out anywhere near as beautiful as yours though! :)

    1. :D Thank you! Heck yeah Dead Ringer! How did yours turn out?

    2. The first time I tried it was kinda sloppy cause I had to hurry (we were taking our neighbor's mates from England to shoot trash in the desert- hot date eh?) But then I wore it the next morning when I had more time and it was prettah! Yours is still the prettiest of all though. Thanks for this lovely idea!!! :)

  2. I love Rapunzel had extensions, never thought of layering it! I've never tried Dead Ringer as unfortunately Victoria from Persephone Minerals took my money and didn't send me my order, just as she went out of business. I wonder how many people she owes money/orders to???

    1. It's a sweet layering shade! It's not dark so the original shade shines through nicely!
      I have no idea how much she still owes. Have you tried contacting paypal or your credit card company? That's what I had to do when Jasmine from High Voltage took off and disappeared with all my moola.

  3. RUSH! Sweet! Sorry to be a silly Canadian, but have you ever watched Trailer Park Boys? They have an episode with Rush in it and it's super funny. ANYWAY, you should post more eye makeup looks, you do such a lovely job of them!

    1. I freakin LOOOOOVE TRAILER PARK BOYS!!! I have all the seasons and movies hahaha.

      I'll try to post more! I just haven't been wearing much makeup lately :(

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