Sunday, September 9, 2012

EOTD ~ Devoted to Mayhem

I had time to sit down an do some makeup today!  Yay! 

I got to use my new Kat Von D Shade Shifter eyeshadow in Devotion.  I took a bunch of pictures to do a swatch post but got lazy.  But you can see it in this post instead! 



I'm pretty craptacular at putting together a colour combo so I thought of other shifty-like colours and went with Meow's Pandora's Box collection and End of Days. 

I used:
TFSI Lemon Drop
Lid: Devotion
Crease: Mayhem
Browbone, inner liner: Prophecy
Lower liner: Oblivion
Liner: UD 24/4 Liquid Perversion

 Devotion is super similar to Aromaleigh's discontinued Oberon but Devotion is more of a peachy base and Oberon is more shimmery.  They're both pretty so I don't know which I'd prefer.  Devotion is less fussy I guess, you probably won't get any flyaway shadow.  But if you want more glam, use Oberon.  If you were lucky enough to snag one! 
I used Oberon in a super old look here.  I'll have to use it more often! I forgot how amazing it looked! 


  1. Love , love , love this :D
    The colo on the lower lashline is divine !
    Awesome job lady !

  2. Very pretty look! I will have to swatch this the next time I am in Sephora!

  3. I love how you rock the neutral looks. This turned out beautifully!

  4. This is gorgeous. I've heard good things about those Kat Von D eyeshadows.