Friday, October 1, 2010

All Hallows Eve, MEOW STYLE

Well, incase you weren't poor enough, Meow has released their shimmery haunted beauties today along with 3 new collections I haven't seen before.

First up, Alien Abduction

Then we have Shattered Equinox

And Sunless Sea

OH MAN!! I just grabbed a boatload of samples for these dudes.


Get your own COFFIN! Dance of Death collection

Meow Zombies

And Friday the 13 again

I shall be returning my 2 new MAC Disney mineralize shadows and focusing on INDIE. I don't know why I grabbed them anyway. Meow's Necromancer, Warlock and Witch are damn near close enough, and I already have them! Dumb dumb moi.


  1. Yeah! That's how I felt about Necromaner, Warlock and Witch last year, as compared to Young Punk and Cinderfella from MAC!

    I LOVE Warlock and Witch and Necromancer!!!!!

  2. I feel so dumb for getting suckered in by that packaging :( Atleast I can still return them and gain my $50 back :D
    I am total impulse shopping lately. I blame stress pms! lol

  3. Most indie shadows are better quality anyway. Not that MAC is anything to sniff at, but if you can get something comparable for cheap? Look on the internet. It's better than the crap they sell in drugstores.

  4. I'm tempted to buy the Alien Abduction collection just for the names/theme XD

  5. I need to win some kind of lottery, I want these!!

  6. Exactly dull_flame. I got $56 back :) That 56 more samples I can now buy :D

    Hellz yeah Silhouette! I snagged samples and I hope I love every single one of them just so when someone asks what I'm wearing, I can say "Implant" or "Little Green Men" or something, and confuse them!!

    I know Biba! My ticket failed me today :(