Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Bit O' Purple

Here was my purple look for today.

I had it planned last night because today was the all day event "Wear Purple To Commemorate The Suicides Caused By Homophobia" in short, "Spirit Day". I don't have any purple clothing, so naturally, my choice was in eyeshadow.

However the dude decided to hop in the shower late, delaying my makeup process!
Anyways, back to my point.

I am not gay myself, but I'm completely fine with those who are. And if I was, big whoopdedoo! I'd still be human. I felt the need to mention this because I know some people just automatically assumed that by showing your support wearing purple you were gay so they shied away from it. That was not what this event was about. It was to let people know they are not alone. It was to remember those who took their lives. I don't wanna ramble on too much.

The main point, there is nothing wrong with being who you are. If people don't like it, FUCK EM! With a big ole F.
It's extremely sad that some people feel they have nobody to turn to and will end their lives without getting help.

Parents need to drill it into their kids' heads that there is nothing wrong with someone being different than you. And that taunting someone because of this is absolutely unacceptable.

Here was my purple with Aromaleigh

What's Skakin'? on lid
Mourning's Whimsy in crease
Poison Utopia to darken crease
Browbone was something repackaged but purple and awesome

No time for liners due to the shower hogger.

Only 1 pic, batteries died :(

I do wish I had known about this day sooner. I had no clue until my mom sent me the facebook link with the info last night. Hopefully next year will have more awareness.

And hopefully next year there will be less people deciding suicide is the only way out because views have changed and attitudes have been adjusted.


  1. I like your purple look. *hug*

  2. I love the mix of textures in your purple look ^___^ and you'd totally be the best school counselor :P

  3. LOVE this = a fantastic look and wonderful thoughts!

  4. Beautiful look! I like that crease color! And I guess I'm living in a black hole, I wasn't aware it was "Spirit Day" or I would have worn purple to show my support!

  5. Beautiful , poison utupia is one of my favorites ! I just adore purples ... i didn't know it either , but i wore purple !! And gay or not ... Gay's are people too !

  6. Yummy purples!

    I wish I had known about this beforehand, it must be a US day, because I definitely would've cranked out some purple eyeshadow and clothing. I have many friends who are gay, and I don't care what someone's sexual preference is as long as they are a good person. I'm all for supporting people who are 'different' and showing them that people do believe in their right to chose.

  7. Amazing look! I don't own much purple clothing either so I will be wearing a look with either Urban Decay or Kat Von D later. ;D

  8. What a great look! And I totally agree with everything you said here.

  9. Beautiful look! I'm sad there's only one pic :(
    Whatever is on your browbone is freaking awesome.

    I agree with you about parents teaching their kids that people that are different are A-OK... I've just never understood the mentality of people that need to intimidate those who are different to them :/

  10. I love it! You look great in purple.