Saturday, October 16, 2010

Aromaleigh shades I want but are sold oooot

This will probably just bore you.
I love lists and junk so this is just my list of crushed dreams, AKA Sold out stuff I hope I can find in future blog sales etc.

Ciao Italia! - Biscotti
Victoria's Revenge - Infernal Chaos
Victoria's Revenge - Skeleton Key (although I think Fyrinnae's Dinosaur Plushie is uber similar)
Pure Eyes Frost - Gilt
Pure Eyes Frost - Damask
Satin Petals - Dandelion
Satin Petals - Marigold
Valentine '09 - Lovelorn
Valentine '09 - Pillowtalk
En Pointe - Elegie
Spring Solstice - Calendula
Pure Eyes Matte - Sea Foam
Pure Eyes Matte - Fawn
Pure Eyes Matte - Cupid
Carolina Summer Matte - Sea Glass
Carolina Summer Matte - Dune
Carolina Summer Matte - Shell
Carolina Summer Matte - Bouganvillea
Carolina Summer Matte - Willow
Carolina Summer Matte - Verdigris
Eye Plush - Dollhouse
Eye Plush - Room Service
Eye Plush - Feather Boa
Eye Plush - Well-Suited
Eye Plush - Persian Kitten
Eye Plush - Silk Stockings
Eye Plush - Prim Tweed
Eye Plush - Mink Coat
Eye Plush - Petit Fours
Eye Plush - Rosy Cheeks

Huh, I thought it was much longer. This is why lists are awesome!
I only have 2 Carolina Summer mattes and 3 Eye Plush jars so that's why those 2 groups are huuuuge. I should have stocked up last Christmas with the 50% sales! :s Oh well, I got the entire Holiday Blast set and Hi-Fi Mattes that way, so I guess I was kind of broke then. And I love those 2 sets mucho.
Time to go riffle through what I DO have. Best part of the day.


  1. I don't know if this will make you feel better but I do have Marigold and it's really nothing special. It's just a very skin-toned shadow, not quite matte but not quite shimmer either. It really doesn't even show up on my skin.

    I'm pretty sure I have an Elegie sample somewhere :O

  2. Oooh! I LOVE lists, too, so I think this is awesome. :)

    A few of these you can get in sample baggie 3-sets; it's not a FS but it's better than nothing. Unless these are sold out there, too.

    I'm really sad to have missed out on Window Shopping. I was despondent over Ondberry & Champagne Toast but some sweeties on iPhyrra swapped me for them. :) (in case you haven't already, try the swap/sale thread and maybe you can find what you're looking for!)

  3. I may have some of those colors, ( I know I have Elegie for sure) that I can sell you if you'd like... Msg me on FB if you're interested!

  4. I have three of the Carolina Summer mattes you're looking for but I can't seem to figure out how to email you. Send me an email at lmlow @

  5. Miss K has put up some backstock, so some of the colours on your list are available again. Lovelorn, Pillowtalk, Dollhouse, Room Service, Feather Boa, Well-suited are all available in full sizes. Did you check the 3-pack samples? Pretty sure a lot of your list is available there. Meanwhile I have samples of Dune and Sea Glass I'll never use, plus I can make a sample of Lovelorn for you.

  6. Lists are always fun to make. :] But I'm a big nerd like that, haaaa. As for the 50% off sale...that's how I felt when I found out Aromaleigh was closing. I wish I had taken advantage too!

  7. Skeleton Key and Dinosaur Plushie are almost identical , i've got them both .

  8. @Heather It does make me feel better actually! If I could delete it off my list without republishing I would. Thanks lady!

    @CorbyJane I saw those a few days ago! That would be awesome but I can't order (canadaland) so I'll admire these from afar :D

    @MissTat Will do!

    @zillah1199 Hello :) I did notice some were available again, and those awesome samples, but I'm an international lady.

    @ladyinatophat I'm almost tempted to make a list now of what all I do have but then people will lock me up for being a loon :D

    Awesome Luna! I have a sample of Skeleton Key somewhere but it's good to know it's so close to Dinosaur Plushie!

  9. She said she's opening up international orders again for established past customers.
    Kristen Calderan Bell I've got a special announcement for established international customers- I feel very badly about how all the international shipping stuff happened. I can make an exception to the policy if you're already a customer, and if you agree to work the transaction/order out with me not being responsible for refunds or replacem...ents in case of loss or damage. So far with 2 customers, they've opted for the more costly Global Express Priority Mail, which is trackable and I can insure, because it requires a signature for delivery. Please contact me via messaging if you'd like to do this, with a list of items you want to order that are in stock, Vault or Site. Thanks!
    See more
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  10. Howdy! I already placed a hugemongous one through her so I don't want to bug her again :) Who know, after I get my new stuff, I may not even be sad about missing this stuff. Who am I kidding. My collection is never complete! :D

  11. I just placed an order with Kristen , i'm so happy she makes some exceptions for the loyal customers ! But i wanted the Kareena Angels shadows , but that's sold out , :( , further i have a lot of newies from the Wonderstruck , Spells! and Mysthos collections , me happy !! :)

  12. :) I can't wait till I get to see mine! Sparkle galore!

  13. well, as I said, I have samples of Lovelorn Dune and Sea Glass I can send your way. Also I have a sample of Marigold.

  14. Right on! My email is jaicea_blade at hotmail dotcom and I can give you my address and let me know how much you want for them.
    Thank you!