Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Persephone Minerals Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon MEGA COLLECTION OF AWESOME! *PIC HEAVY*

*re-posted, forgot Victoria's Colour descriptions!

More swatches! Another collection!

This post is all about the sparkly wicked that is the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon set.

I'll list my EOTD in a separate post because I took a ton of pictures for swatches of this collection. Also I think I'm running out of picture room on Blogger :(
I think if I shrunk my pictures before posting, I could get more in my posts, but then you guys wouldn't be able to click them twice to megafy them. I leave them massive so that you can see every little shimmer bit in there if you wanted and I feel shrinking them wouldn't do the colours justice!

Oh wells, I will deal with it when I get there I guess.

Enough being a whiny baby ass and ON TO THE SWATCHES! (click and click again to HUGEify them and to read colour names in order KTHXBAI!)

**NEO-QUEEN SERENITY** Inspired of course, by none other than the Neo-Queen Serentiy this another opaque white. This one however is complete with the microfine silver + microfine crystalina white & pale, pale pink glitters. So pale, that you really can't tell there is any pink in there but it just didn't feel complete without it.

**PRINCESS SERENITY** A lovely opaque white with microfine shimmers of gold. Inspired by the princess dress of Serenity.

**ETERNAL SAILOR MOON** When dry this will shift a slight bit towards white, but when foiled like this it stays more of a paler gold. It is perfected by the touch of yellow and pink crystalina glitters.

**RAINBOW MOON HEARTACHE** A deep, gorgeous, dark pink loaded with magenta and holographic microfine glitters.

**MOON COSMIC POWER** A coppery/pink/gold shift filled with teeny sparkles of aqua & pink! Inspired by....okay I think I'm sounding redundant, no? The name says it all!

**SUPER SAILOR MOON** Insipred by both the transformation sequence & the costume itself. This is sort of white with a touch of yellow to it, topped of with red, blue and yellow crystalina glitters ;)

*USAGI* Inspired by her yellow-blond hair, I put a bit of gold into this so it wouldn't be quite as yellow as Minako. It also has microfine golden shimmer.

**SAILOR MOON** Inspired by the pretty soldier sailor uniform of Sailor Moon, this a gold chock full of red and blue microfine glitters.

**MOON CRYSTAL POWER** A shift from pink to gold, leaning more on the pink side when foiled. I'm sure you already guessed the inspiration for this :) This also has a little dose of red & white crystalina glitters.

**STARLIGHT HONEYMOON THERAPY KISS** OOOh what a pretty pink...complete with white ultra crystalina glitters that reflect like a rainbow ;)

**MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK** A bright blue shade with different kinds of sparklies in shades of white, pink and aqua.

**SILVER MOON CRYSTAL POWER KISS** I know, I know the attack is called silver moon, but when she performs this you see more deep blue than anything with touches of gold. That being said, this just that. A deep blue color, with microfine glitters in white, gold & silver. I had to throw the silver in there for namesake.

I tried to take a close up of Super Sailor Moon to show the kick ass sparkles

Eternal Sailor Moon is one of the prettiest damn eyeshadows I now own. Pink Sparkles!

More detail cuz I'm not done yet using up all my allotted picture space:

I ran out of forearm space so that was in my wrist tattoo incase you thought I was a bit nutty for sharpie stars around my swatches :) Nope, that sucker is permanent! And sadly, very uneven and disappointing. That's what you get for getting tattoos from a guy who looks like a sketchy cross between a chipmunk and the lucky charms dude. Lesson learned.

Back on topic, MOARRRR SWATCHES!

Moon Crystal Power! It's like the pink version of Eternal Sailor Moon.
I patted it over Pixie Epoxy to make the sparkles not fly away.

And last, to show the red and blue sparkles in Sailor Moon (last gold in the main pot picture up top)


Now go buy stuff. crystaltokyo 20% coupon good for 2 more days. VITE! VITE!


  1. I love the shadow inside your tattoo!

  2. !!!! Those sparkle/glitter shadows are STUNNING. Holy crap I need Eternal Sailor Moon. Neeeed.

  3. What kind of camera are you using? Those closeups are CRAZY!!!

  4. ohh yay! I ordered samples of a lot of these... even more excited to get them now :)

    I loved this post and your swatches made me drool!

  6. @Phyrra thanks madamme! :) PE had the spink sparkles stick really good, I forgot to mention I used that! whoopsie

    @candiedmango HELLZ YES YOU DO WOMAN! It's got such a nice gold sheen to it. When I post my EOTD you'll be able to see that part better.

    @Dominique just my ancient Canon A540. It's 5 years old! I bought a newer Canon over the summer and it doesn't take nearly as clear closeups. So disappointing! This old one is gonna crap out soon. I can hear it when the lens retracts :( It sounds sick. My poor baby lol

    @Basht yay!! You're gonna love them!

    @Suki Thanks lady!! :) PINK SPARKLE FTW!!!!!

  7. AWESOME! I love picture/swatch heavy posts by the way! I can't wait for my Persephone order to come!!!

  8. @Vulcan_Butterfly Thank you! :) What all goodies did you order? It was very hard for me not to order anything else lol

  9. Ooooh..Beautiful shades! :) love the swatches!

  10. NEED! ARGH!

    I wish I wasn't, y'know... broke and unemployed. I've been craving this stuff forever, it feels like!

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