Sunday, March 20, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potions in TUBES!

For all y'all not on no-buy/low-buys you may wanna hit up Sephora to take a look at the Urban Decay Primers.!

ALL 4 OF THEM! They are $1 more US but way more convenient to use not being in that shit ass fancy tube they normally come in. $23 CDN

I was THISCLOSE to grabbing a Greed, Eden and Sin because I've only tried the originals but I promised myself to pay off the credit card and I have a few months to go still :(

Sephora says "exclusive to Sephora for a limited time" so that could mean they'll get rid of them completely or maybe sell them on their own site? Which would suck for Canadians and other foreigners because they only ship to the US. So that website can eat my non-existent nuts.

So go buy stuff and enjoy what I can't :D


  1. I hate Sephora *glares*. Nah, I just wish they shipped internationally :'(


  3. The other colors are there too?!??

    Oh my.

    I feel another Sephora order coming on. (I have two tubes of Original, in the Pro size. I've wanted to try Sin, but haven't wanted to deal with the genie bottle and doefoot applicator.)

    I don't love how not-so-great a value these tubes are, compared to the original in the Pro size tube. I'd like to see Sin in the professional-sized tube. (And why doesn't accept non-US credit cards, or ship internationally?!?? This is STUPID.)

  4. Argh, this is very tempting because my tube of TFSI is almost empty. I need to stop wasting my money on fueling my car and feeding myself and start saving it for the IMPORTANT stuff! :)

  5. I really NEED a tube of each! Well I don't need as such, more along the lines of WANT! Oh if only I were rich!

    I'm going to have a look round some UK sites to see if they are available over here YET!

    Thanks for letting us know!

    I'm also having a giveaway on my bloggins at the mo and it's open internationally so you can enter!

  6. I didn't even clue in that they didn't ship internationally! Dummy me :(

    @LiAnn If they made these in the pro size I'd be on that! Especially with Greed. mmm gold. It is odd UD won't be more intl friendly. They'd make a killing!

    @thecandiedmango those are silly expenses, everybody knows primers COME FIRST! :D

    @VainGlorySinner I keep hoping that damn lottery will pick my numbers but so far we just suck at playing that game lol