Friday, March 11, 2011

Ruthless Dbag pt 2 v.2

**edit 12:17am to add new shot of lame**

So incase you've decided a company could use a second chance to show their true colours Ruthless Cosmetics has graciously provided some more FUCKING AMMO OF STUPIDITY!

This message sent to this blogger

Rosalind is one of the owners as you can see from their "About Us" page

And if you see something about "Pretty Addictive Cosmetics" it seems she used to own that also. Youtube land says she is back at Ruthless though. That makes sense. Or she wouldn't be getting her damn undies in a bunch...

That is all. For now. Maybe she'd like to share some more words of wisdom? If so I'll keep you informed :)

**Newest reply to insulted blogger:

Notice how she pretends to know about the recipient's family in an attempt to get into her head? It's BS of course. Just another lie.


If any of this linkage actually makes you want to buy her crap I urge to to go with companies that don't treat people like shit.

Meow Cosmetics
Hi-fi cosmetics
Shiro Cosmetics
Persephone Minerals
Sobe Botanicals

Fuck, even go buy Lime Crime, I'm shocked to say this, Doe may be a little less evil than this chick. No link there, it feels wrong to make it easy.

Some more reading if you wish.

I'm off to bed now, hopefully psychopants goes away. My blog now shows up 1st page on Google search for this company so that's the best I can do at this point to get the word out.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. LOL. I love the last screenshot where the 'about' if full of spelling errors and half of the words are capitalised (what the hell is with that??). They should of spent some time in school learning some basic spelling and grammar; rather than wasting it on a failing business venture. When I see people make these sort of comments to others using a public medium (such as facebook) I really would love nothing more than to kick them in the teeth. I seriously hope they've been using their own products... get a taste of their own medicine, HAH! (I'm not really too mean a person, this post just made me really angry! lol). Thanks for making this kind of thing public. I will never purchase from this company.

  2. I'm really disgusted but that behavior. What a horrible woman. I hope the blogging community collectively reams her. :/

  3. I don't know what to say. That's just unbelievably stupid of her. If she didn't guess you'd post this here then she really is quite dumb. Good to know never to buy from them.

  4. Oh my goodness ... that's disgusting !

  5. What the actual fuck, I'm so disgusted :( I received a myspace message like this back in the day, but it's even worse to think that this comes from a ~business owner. =/

  6. If you own a business, don't go about calling people cunts. It will get around. It's not difficult. Jesus. Did someone not learn to get along with others in little school?!

  7. God, that's horriffic. I just... ugh.

  8. i appreciate this post because i cant stand people who are unprofessional and by looking at their writing, they still act like they're in high school. I've never bought anything from them because to be honest, I wasn't impressed. and now I would NEVER buy from them. I'm also considering re-blogging this to my 1,000+ followers on my blog & even twitter. Im curious to see what kind of reaction I will receive.
    Great post.

  9. :) I was just really glad to get the word out. I don't even talk that way to people I don't like let alone complete strangers and potential customers! It is disgusting!

    @BeautyAmbition that would be awesome! :D Maybe she'll learn some manners!

  10. Karma.

    Yea and verily, it shall ruthlessly bitchslap them. And not soon, but when they least expect it.

    The only way any of us can escape the traps of our own not to make them. (Or by dying, but that one's debatable in no few philosphies. You can't escape what you've done or allowed to happen, even if you leave this life.)

  11. WOW. Never buying from them, ever. Thanks for the info. That kind of behaviour is inexcusable.