Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ruthless Cosmetics

There are many companies I don't want to buy from because something in my gut says stay away.

I'll eventually list them but today it's Ruthless Cosmetics. I also know many people are sick of drama, but this beyotch was begging to be called out.

Not only should you expect re-packaged Lady Burd products AGAIN (C'mon people, do you even try anymore?) The names are even the same still. Good ol creativity flowin'.

I've seen these before but they were brought to my attention again here.

Lady Burd mentions only 1 of the "pinwheel" shadows being eyesafe. Ruthless mentions nothing.

No slight warning, nada.

So the customer is basically going in blind. And possibly comming out worse... (oh I'm so clever there! :)

**These Pinwheels are nothing new, Bitchslap Cosmetics also sell them and mentions they come from 3rd party manufacturer and they also mention they are not to be used near the eye area.**

BUT! That wasn't even the worst part. When they were called out on it, they resorted to insults on Facebook. Angsty teenage rage. And if they aren't teenagers, they sure as fuck acted like it.

Behold! Mighty screen cap: (from awesome facebook user, I wasn't fast enough to yoink it myself)

yeeeaahhhhh, that makes me wanna buy your shit.

Right after I saw the screen cap and I went to go back to the page to unleash my nosey wrath but it seems the page is missing now. Not sure what happened. The internets is BROKENED!

FYI RC: Never blow off a blog publicly by acting like an ass because you think 18 followers is nothing. All it takes is word of mouth, and your dumbassery to spread the word.

My vote: Don't buy this shit. They don't deserve your hard earned moola. Sugarpill makes uber bright pressed shadows that won't make you go blind and Amy is a total sweetheart. If she acted like that person did, puppies would fall over dead.

On a different note, I'll get back to EOTD's soon. Lately I just haven't felt like wearing anything. I'm waiting for a wicked package from Persephone Minerals that may just make me wanna play again :)

Last but not least, OH HAI NEW FOLLOWERS!! My number rose a bit and it made me happy. I promise I'll get back to regular posting as soon as I'm out of my miserable funk. I have Physician's Formula gel swatches for you, but the dude just came home so I must go socialize now.


  1. LMAO. I love how companies that repackage seem to think NO ONE will ever find out... and when they do they get really agressive about it. You're right, all it takes is word of mouth to ruin the reputation of a company. Acting like a hormonal abusive 15 y/o and name calling is possibly the best way to ruin your own company rep. Don't these people actually mature as they get older??? For shame on them and thank god you screen-shotted it when you got the chance! I haven't heard of this company but I will be avoiding them from now on!!!

  2. I don't understand. Why would I buy these shadows (?) if they are not deemed safe to use around my eyes? And how can a business rail off on their customers and think that they are going to keep or attract new ones? I'm not seeing any sense in this. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Those look like the dumbest shadows ever. Wouldn't it be hard to get to one color? and SEVENTEEN dollars for ONE?! $90 for six?!

    Moreover, who SELLS eyeshadow that can't be used ON YOUR EYES?!

    Seriously, some of these people in the cosmetic business are MORONS.


  4. wanna run a business and you think you can talk to people like that. WOW. People are so stupid these days. I'm glad you posted this, shite companies need to die!

  5. I love this, from their site's "about" section: "Rosalind and Trayce are Now Certified Makeup Artists Hoping To Bring A New Attitude, New Look,s & Great Products To The Beauty Industry."

    ... a new attitude? Check - the rest, and the spelling and punctuation, are a fail

  6. Oh. My. Damn.

    *hysterical laughter*

    "Only 18 followers" means jack on the internet, honey. Word can spread faster than herpes, even with one single person kicking it off.

    I'm gonna queue a quick update for the mornin with a link back to you. Instant Avoid list!

  7. Hahha, wonder when their etsy will be suspended?

  8. As of now that blog has 31 followers xD

  9. I would also like to add that I received several very nasty comments on my blog. You're speedier then I am, XD I've yet to post that screen cap.

  10. Wow...ridiculous. You'd think that knowing about all these issues people have with buying repackaged items - UNSAFE repackaged items at that - would make sellers smarter about these things. Urgh.

    Wonderful post. Couldn't agree with you more.

  11. I just wish people would stop treating makeup like it's a get-rich-quick scheme or something. It's not fair to those of us who have a real passion for the stuff!

  12. Dear Ruthless Cosmetics,

    Eat pollen and die.

    - Beauty bloggers from the wrong side of the meadow

  13. I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking of my eyes being burned out of my skull!

  14. I received a heads up - apparently one of the owners ditched Ruthless and has created Pretty Addictive. I doubt it will be any different.

  15. You can check out some horrible videos on youtube they posted.

    They say they only offer the best of the best, but their promo video looks so amateur.
    common people.. what do you guys think? haha


    just found a video about their eye-safe paintwheels!

  17. Thanks for warning me about this company!

  18. Thanks for posting this! So glad it made it's way off of the MMUL page so the public can see it... :)

  19. Companies like that are pathetic and obv guilty of something for them to react like that!

  20. WARNING! RUTHLESS from LA ink is now associated with them. Does she know how lame these woman are? haha

  21. ThanK you So much for posting this on my blog I actually JUST found this out too and I did a video on it warning my followers. already over 400 ppl has watched it and it hasnt even been up for 24 hrs

  22. The company has gotten my money for an eyebrow kit and Its been over a month and I still havent gotten it or heard from them. I wish I had read this before hand. smdh

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