Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EOTD ~ 1 pic wonder

I had to rush out super fast and only snapped one picture.  I didn't even check to see if it was clear or not but lo and behold, IT WAS!

The picture gods were on my side this morning.  Unfortunately the eyebrow gods took the day off.  The downside to using pale matte shades on the browbone, every little hair shows up.  There is no sparkly shimmer interference so the hairs are JUST.THERE.DAMMIT.

But other than that I really liked this look!

I used Detrivore's Graveyard collection over TFSI Lemon Drop

Lid: Autopsy
Crease: Tomb
Browbone: Embalm

Yup yup.  Detrivore's 10 for $20 is up until October 3rd FYI


  1. wow that eyeliner is really yet black
    nice name of the shadows

  2. love the eye look, the purple brings something new to a simple look

  3. Well played! Usually I take a trillion pictures and none of them turn out, lol!