Sunday, November 15, 2009

Storing my junk

K it's not really junk, I just usually refer to everything I own as my junk, and I luvz my junkz.

Right now my vanity is in the kitchen, where a dining table should be. In my other apartment we had a spare room but this apartment, we weren't so lucky. Space is not very good. This works though. I don't do my makeup in the bathroom. It has really bad yellow lighting, and I get worried the humidity will wreck the formulations. I like to sit in the living room next to the kitchen, pop the blinds open and voila! Natural lighting!

I have 2 train cases. The silver one has mostly just eyeshadows and blushes. No liquids (took it on a plane and REFUSED to stick it underneath, that baby went with me) The lace one has my foundations, brushes, some lip glosses, primers, and moisturizers. Everything else on the vanity is just random eyeshadows from everywhere, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners, all makeupy goodness. I have to re-organize it all so it's easier to see things. The binder has my baggy samples. The 2 thiner boxes under the crystal skull boxes are my Urban Decay Book of Shadows.

Underneath it all is my wicked awesome nail polish collection. The lid doesn't fit very good anymore and it weighs a ton. I would attempt sticking nail polish swatches on this blog but it's not very easy taking a pic of it on my fingers. It has either too much shine, or doesn't show all the detail I see in real life.

I really want the drawers Fresco Phyrra has.

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  1. So cute! I love storage posts, and your cute lil vanity! My apartment is super small too, I do my makeup on the loveseat in our living room underneath the window...good lighting, plus I can look at my pretties all day long!