Sunday, November 15, 2009

Posting an oldish look with Meow Cosmetics

Here's a look I did a few weeks ago with Meow Cosmetics. I ran out of things to google so 3rd post of the day!

My boyfriend (really hate that word, sounds like jr high.) likes neutrals, so he usually pretty much doesn't like any of my makeup looks lol. But this one he actually liked.

I used:
Friday 13 Skeptic - main lid colour
Friday 13 Supernatural - crease colour (I think, I should have written it down somewhere)
Zombies Skelecat - hilight
Dance of Death Coffin - eyeliner

Coffin is the best mineral eyeliner I've found so far. It's so smooth and you just need a little. It's going to take me a long time to go through the pot but I bought a second one anyway for backup :D

Skeptic was a bit tricky to work with, if you accidently buff it, the pretty pinky shimmer goes away so you have to pat some more on.

I noticed the colours online aren't totally matchy with what you actually get which is why it's important to read the descriptions as well and try samples first so you're not too upset if it's not what you are expecting.
Accident looks lightish online but it's actually quite dark with red shimmer in it. They've even added the extra "Wetlines-RED!" to the description.
Same with Obelisk in the Egyptian Treasures line. It looks like an odd brownish colour, but it actually is a green colour like the description says. Computer screens are rarely 100% for colour matching which is why I love looking for swatches so much. Even when you get a sample bag of something, it may look "meh" in the bag but don't give up on it yet. Actually try it out on the back of your hand. The extra shimmers and whatever else may have been added don't show up in the baggy very well but will show up on your hand (Like I said with Obelisk, it looked quite uninteresting in the bag until I swatched it, then promptly got a full size!)

ummmm that is all for today. bye bye now.


  1. I ordered Skeptic, and I think Supernatural as well. This look is pretty, I like the eyeliner. :) From one new blogger to another, welcome welcome! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. Thanks :) I figured "Hey I love makeup and I'm sure my work people are sick of hearing me talk about it, who else can I tell?" then I realized...everyone! Yay interwebs! lol I love seeing what other people so with their makeup as well. I really liked smurfberry blast on you! I didn't get it tho :( Missed my chance I think, I couldn't find it on the site anymore.

  3. Skeptic looks insane! I love how you paired it with neutral colors!

    I agree that the Meow descriptions and pics differ from what you actually get XD Thats why I love mmu and samples though!

    Regarding your comment, thats why I started blogging too! No one wants to hear about it in real life! I've met some really amazing people!

  4. I agree, my friends and boyfriend get so sick of hearing me talk about makeup. I was so excited when I got comments on my posts and realized I am not alone with my obsession and people actually want to listen. :P