Saturday, November 28, 2009

There's a Velociraptor in Orion's Belt

Okie dokie. This makeup look FROM THE START did not want to go my way.

After I hoped out of the shower I was thinking I haven't given Fyrinnae any love in a couple of months because of the new stuff I have yet to try out from other companies. I love Fyrinnae, they were the gateway to my loose eyeshadow addiction, I mean HOBBY. I wanted to wear my favourite green, We're All Mad Here. It's night time so I just had my crappy 1 lamp living room lighting. I went to the bathroom to make sure everything was even and noticed the colour didn't look quite right. Went back to the living room, flipped over the lil jar and DAMMIT! It was Velociraptor! You'd think I'd notice this because it's a BRIGHT YELLOWY GREEN! But nooooooo, living room lighting tricked me and I'm lame. Then Little Red's Pet Wolf wasn't working the way I wanted it to so I went over it in Aztec Gold. The only colour that I had no problem with was Orion's Belt. I love this colour but they don't have it anymore :(

I even effed up the blush. I forgot how insanely pigmented the blushes were and with the bad lighting and bad tapping off job I looked clowny and had to go over it with some powder to try to fade it. I think the colour was Enrapture. Lips are Mac Hello Kitty Nice to be Nice (the orange gloss!)

And I'll blame the screwups on the hockey game in the background...


  1. You are too funny! I totally understand though, I've used colors (especially from Fyrinnae where they can look a bit different on than in the jar!) that I didn't mean to! You still look pretty though XD I really, really, really like your blush! I think I need's getting harder and harder to wait til Xmas when I get some cash!

  2. I want a full size of it! I have the lil sample jar with no control, part of the reason I had to fight with it to not get so much and fail lol. The shiny on top of the blush is the cheapo "bronzer" I mentioned. It's so not a bronzer and fine by me :)

    I think the biggest trickster Fyrinnae I've tried is Starfish. It looks so pale in the jar so I tried to use it as a hilighter but it was a dark plummy colour! Way too dark to hilight and I had to go over it with a white shadow to try to "erase" it a bit lol. And it's hard to do when using a primer too! I guess I should have swatched it first.

  3. I was looking at my Fyrinnae today and thinking the SAME thing. I think I'll use some tomorrow. :) Very pretty look, too! :)