Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Candy Rainbow

Finally a makeup look again! And CUE THE EFFING DRUMS...

A step-by-step thingy!

So if you want this eyeball...stay tuned.

Note to the people, I am not a pro so it's not going to look perfect, it's just going to look kick ass, however my definition of kick ass may be different from your definition of kick ass (lolcats kick ass, turnips do not) so this is just how I do it, my way, with limited brushes cuz I'm hardcurr like that. Nah, I'm just too lazy to buy actual brushes. :)
All makeup is Aromaleigh unless otherwise noted.

Okie dokie smokies. STEP 1 was foundation and primers and such, I didn't take a pic because I didn't think of it until I slapped on step 2.

STEP 2!: Grab a pretty bright pink, I used Flying Flower, and slap that baby on your lid, not going above the crease or going into your inner corners, leave that blank. Have some of the shadow go a bit past your outter corners to make step 3 easier.

Step 3!: Take a yellow, I used Itallian Ice, and squish that sucker on the inner corners and a bit onto the pink to blend it sort of.

Step 4!: Take a light blue shade, I used Return to Tiffany's, and draw a line in your crease and take it out on the ends (if that makes sense...) staying above the pink. It's going to look stupid as hell at this point. It always looks this lame when you try to do a crease like this, but you're not finished, so keep on truckin'!

Step 5!: Blend that blue up a bit, without disturbing where it meets up with the pink.

Step 6!: Grab a bright green, I used Estranged, and pat it where you faded the blue and raise it up a bit not going all the way to the top.

Step 7!: still looks goofy, but not done yet

Step 8!: Highlight, I used Unicorn because it's yellow from some angles and blue head-on.

Step 9!: With a clean brush, wipe the sides away to even it out a bit.

Step 10!: I wasn't sure on my eyeliner colour, so I filled in my eyebrows instead. It's okay at this point, because you aren't putting on anymore shadow, so you won't accidentally get anything on your brows.

Step 11!: I decided black would be a good final choice so I used Urban Decay's Oilslick and carefully lined the bottom and then took a clean brush and smudged it, so it didn't look as harsh.

Step 12!: Using tiny ass brush (I used a craft brush I bought for my nails and cleaned it hardcore before use) and draw a line going outwards.

Step 12!: Line the top with the black and attach it to the little line on the side. Angle it a bit so it looks like 1 continuous line and not a line, sharp angle, line.

Step 13!: Craploads of mascara!

Step 14!: Wipe off the fallout that the Urban Decay no doubt caused, slap on the blush and VOILA! done and done!


  1. This looks freaking awesome! I LOVE it. So pretty <3

  2. Ooooh I shall have to try this! I think your definition of kickass is the same as mine ;)

  3. awwww too pretty!its either u r too pretty or ur skill is too awesome or both??
    rainbow color for eyes is difficult!and i can imagine myslef looking like shit wearing them!but u pull it off!hehe

  4. Niiiiiice! :D

    It reminds me of Easter!

    I might steal it for Easter!

  5. Hiya Heather, Thank you! I wanna try other colours now :)

    Hi RaeRae! Good! Everyone should share our versions of kickassiness! :D

    Hi Vanilla! Thank you, I'm thinking it's all in the pretty colours, I'm so blech looking without makeup lol It was a but tricky to do and all throughout your head will be going "thisiscrapthisiscrap" but if you hang in there and get it even on both sides it should turn out pretty nice :)

    Hi Julissa! Steal away! I love Easter colours. Pretty dreammmmy..

  6. Great tutorial! It turned out very nicely. Your eyelids look like candy! *lick*

  7. Wow it's beautiful! Like a pastel, easter rainbow! :D I'll have to give it a go sometime!

  8. Thanks Sparklz!

    Thanks Blix, and no calories! :D

    Try it Lillian, it would look extra easter-y with your light skintone! :)

  9. I love it! Kick-ass indeed!

  10. EFFING HOTTTTTTTT. It reminds me of ice cream :D

    Also, when I read 'So if you want this eyeball...stay tuned' in my brain I lol'd. I just imagined you giving someone your eyeball. Yeah I'm weird >_>

  11. lmao, I'll send it in a padded envelope and toss in some freebies :D. Man that would make a weird package!