Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Golden Fraud

No full face shots for me this week. My skin has decided to attack and conquer but the eyeshadow is pretteh! :)

This Olympics, my hugemongous landmass of a country beat the record in golds (14!)so naturally I had to celebrate with MOAR GOLDSZ! We weren't at the top of the list (apparently like 24 of our atheletes were 1 spot away from a bronze, if they had snagged one we'd be numero uno but nooooooo only 5 made it there) so we were 3rd overall.

Here's what I did for Monday:

All Aromaleigh:

Lid: Fraud from Elemental Lustres
Crease and a bit higher: Chicory from Spring Solstice
Browbone: Wizard Gold Mica

I think I used Meow Cosmetics' Coffin for the eyeliner.

I have an Annabelle quad that is similar to these colours but these kick so much more ass with their pigmented awesomeness!

Check out that Wizard Gold!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous :) Love the colors you used.

  2. YAY GOLD ^_^ everybody needs more gold in their lives

  3. Oh I love this and I love the way the gold blends up until the highlight so pretty. x

  4. Yay Canada! I think good ol' Britain has probably done poo like usual.

    The gold is lovely! I like the look :)

  5. I looove this look. Golds can be soo pretty, I wonder why I hardly use them =/
    Wizard gold is one of my favorite highlighter colors, it's so beautiful!

  6. I love golds. This would be a great summer look. :-D

  7. Golds look ah-mazing on you! I'm a bit miffed that our team screwed up and didn't play for gold. Oh, well.

  8. Awww :) Thanks everyboddeh! :D Your comments fixed my craptastic day! <3<3<3

  9. This is so pretty! What an awesome color combo, I love chicory.