Monday, March 8, 2010

My Favourite Blushes


I was tagified by the bloggerrific SillhouetteScreams to list off my most used fav blushes! (lets see if I got the linkage right THIS TIME!) HOLY CRAP IT WORKS!

So here's my lil arsenal. I didn't think I used so many, but things look way different when you spread them out in front of you! I do have more, but these are my favourites.

Here's the stash:

(avon rectangle name not shown but they're Afterglo and Starglo)

Afterglo looks like it's used the most but that's just because it's one of the first blushes I ever bought probably 5 or 6 years ago now. PINKY GOLD! Wonderful.

And here's the swatchiness!

MAC Ripe Peach ombre, MAC Azalea Blossom, MAC HK Beauty Powder Pretty Baby, MAC HK Fun & Games, MAC Mineralize FadDabulous, MAC Mineralize Improvise

Bottom Row:
Avon Mark Afterglo, Avon Mark Star Glo, Fyrinnae Enrapture, Fyrinnae Charm, Fyrinnae Enchant, Aromaleigh Sundaygirl, Aromaleigh Candy-o

Click the pics to see them in their shimmery glory

I think it's pretty awesome that the indie companies' blushes are the WAY MORE PIGMENTED ones! :) You pay a lot less for something that will last for freakin ever!
Pretty Baby is really pale but it's good if I want a bit of colour without trying to be careful not to put too much on.

I'm not really good at pairing the blushes up with eyeshadow yet. I just grab whatever I think is the prettiest that day.


  1. I have mark Afterglo and I love it. Soooo jealous of the peach ombre... I have never bought any "expensive" makeup like MAC, but I think I'm going to shell out for it. It's just so pretty.

  2. Pretty!

    I don't wear blush very often, I tend to blush a lot on my own, so when I wear blush I end up looking silly, but I have been very tempted to try the AL Rocks and Gothic Lolita Rouges.

  3. I'm so in love with MAC Ripe Peach at the moment ... I keep seeing it everywhere and want it so badly!!!

  4. wooow soooo niceee :)
    what's ur unfav blush ?

  5. Om nom nom blush ombres :) and duuuuuude, I love how pigmented those AL blushes are!

    I'm super proud of you for learning how to link shit XD

  6. Oooh lots of them look beautiful! I can't wait to try the Aromaleigh sonic rouge's, the two you've got look just amazing!

  7. Hi Heather! I didn't buy any MAC until maybe 3 years ago, it is crazy expensive. I'll mostly only dish out for their blushes or a limited edition pigment if I like it a lot (although with their crappy size change I probably won't even do that now) Or the limited edition lip stuffs. I'll pass on the eyeshadows, I probably have better in my traincase anyways :)

    Hi Michelle! They are insanely pigmented! I have the whole set of both collections from when they go on their 25% sales. I want to try some from her regular line too but I'll never be able to even finish these babies off lol. I have a feeling if you got the sample baggies and put them in little jars they will last you a long time.

    Hi Emily! Get it if you can find it! It's like 3 in one (I should have swatched it better to show all 3 :(

    Hi Ipeishere! My unfav blush would have to be Avon Mark's Kitten Glo, it's this super light pink with a ton of silver sparkle and is just complete crap for colour payoff lol I'll use it as a cheek highlight over some other blush if I do take it out. But it's crap :)

    Hi Sihouette! I was all like "FUCK YEAH!" hahahah I could have high fived myself if my boyfriend wasn't in the same room

    Hi Lillian! They are pretty awesome, I think out of all of them 2 are kinda iffy on me, Sinisterrouge and femmefatal (and that one is funny cuz it's the most "normal" looking one out of them all)

  8. Oh, thanks for the swatches! I've been eyeing Sunday Girl but it looks so .. orange! Is it really that bright?

  9. Damn. Candy-O is insaaaaaaaaaaaaane. So is Sundaygirl...shoot.

  10. peach ombre is too pretty!
    but normal makeup breaks me out!:(

  11. Hi Janet! And YUP! :) If you put it on your brush you have to tap it off really really good to avoid looking scary. I'll only take them out if I have the time to be careful.

    hi Julissa! Heck yeah! Candy-o would make a wicked eyeshadow whenever someone does a "make an eye look using only blush" contest. I almost did a few months ago but got lazy :p

    Hi Vanilla! That's sucky :( But at least it saves you money :D