Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yet MOAR Aromaleigh Blush Stuffs

I woke up early today and was bored. So what do normal people do when they're half asleep and already bored? Play with Makeup of course!

I decided to swatch the entire Aromaleigh Rocks! blushes and the Gothic Lolita blushes. Even the Elemental cheek glisteners because I love them too even though they look weird in the jar.

Now, you obviously aren't going to pile it on as bright as you see here, but the thing is, I BARELY USED ANY! And these are what I got out of them: (click pic to see EXTRA AWESOME)

1st Row:
Wildflower, Firewoman, Cherrybomb, Sinisterrouge, Breathless
2nd row: Candy-O, Femmefatale, Sundaygirl, Corset, Dolly, Rococo

The shiny, close-up

(The following split in 2 because the colours closest to the flash kept overexposing and the colour was way off. They look exactly right in these 2 pics now)

whoopsie, almost forgot the GL jar shot...

So careful! Even if you have to blow off the brush after tapping it, you'll still have plenty left in the jar, so it's not like you're wasting any :)

And here are the Elemental Cheek Glisteners. They are just the mini jars (same jar as rocks! blushes) And these will last me forever. They are being discontinued so I urge everyone to at least get a sample baggy and don't let the colour fool you!

Yup, it's grey looking but check it out....
(click pic to see EXTRA AWESOME again :)

Unfortunately I am a turdburgler and can't remember which was which...

They are meant to go over blush (some reviews complained they didn't see any colour but it's NOT a blush, it's a cheek/face highlighter)

I attempted to put some on top the of blush to show you them in action but the blush over-powered it, being packed on unnaturally bright :D

That be all!


  1. I can has them? You no needz them? ;)

  2. awww u have so many!!femmefatale and roccoco is too pretty!!

  3. I am going to buy enough of Sundaygirl so I can roll around in it all day.


  4. Ohh so so so pretty! I just bought a few of the sonic rouges and i LOVE them, but you've got all of them! Jealous!

  5. Oh love the swatches! It's hard for me to tell how they will come out without swatches, so thanks!

  6. LOL I have all those exact colors and they are so. freaking. awesome!!! Although lately, my go-to blushes are Pomegranate and Nectar... I LOVE Firewoman and Wildflower, and Rococo :D

  7. So I'm an idiot...I was like "ooh I love femmefatale! Me wants!". Yeah, I'm actually wearing it right now XD

    I love SundayGirl and the Elementals! Must get them (and no, I'm not wearing either one!)

  8. Oi yobbo I nominated you

  9. Thanks everybody! My hands were very pink lol.

  10. Thanks for the swatches! I see 3 that I need to get...NEED!

  11. Heck yeah you need them! I still can't get over how little product you actually need to get wicked colour payoff.

  12. Since AL is going out of biz I wanted to buy all of these but see samples before buying so thank you for this wonderful and informative post! I still wanna see Wildflower on someone's skin. xD

  13. :D I would use it in a look but my mom has my skunk brush in another province :( I really like it when used lightly (for all the rocks blushes they have to be used lightly or you'd be all neon!) If I can find a way to use it without my skunk brush I will try to post a look for ya :)