Sunday, October 16, 2011

Persephone Pink!

What a lazy day today. Every weekend is lazy because I just don't feel like going anywhere. This city bores the crap out of me. Whoopdedoo new hockey team. Pass. I have to go picture frame shopping but all I wanna do is read a book. I hit 100 books!! 100 since mid April, I'm so hooked. I even pre-ordered 2 books that don't even come out until January and February :D And that's what's new with me. I lead an exciting life...

I whipped out my Persephone Minerals to play with the Chibi Moon shades.

I used:
Pixie Epoxy
Lid: Moon Prism Power
Outer 3rd: Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Crease: Black Lady
Browbone: Eternal Sailor Moon
Falsies: kkcenterhk

I really gotta suck less at gluing those on. (glueing? gluing?)

In other news my bpal Jailbait showed up. I smell like candy. It's pretty amazing :)


  1. Um, this look is AWESOME. I've never tried falsies, they weird me out, like putting mascara on my lower lashes. TOO MANY LASHES.

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful. I'm usually not a fan of pinks but this has a almost... candle-lit glow about it. So pretty.

  3. @RoboZelda thanks!! :) I wasn't a fan of wearing mascara on the lower lashes for a long time. I thought it looked whorey hahaha But I do it now whorey or not lol

    @Mandy Thank you! It's all the pretty eyeshadows with their golden sheens. Luvz me gold :)

  4. I love this eye look, It's pink done subtle(ish)
    So lovely!
    ♥I'd love it if you visit my blog sometime♥