Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Lightscapade

At first I was all YAY LIGHTSCAPADE FINALLY! I've been seeing this MSF all over the interwebz and was so upset I missed out on this colourful beast.

I walked to my MAC store in the mall to check out their newest releases and to pick up Blue Candy when LO AND BEHOLD! LIGHTSCAPADE WAS THERE! The tester looked so pretty and I know I'm too dark to pull it off but knowing how many people go rabid for this, I felt like I'd be breaking some makeup rule to just walk on by and ignore it's prettiness.

I believe I got the first one in the store because none of the plastic wrap was taken off the stack in the cupboard but 1st doesn't mean the best because at first glance, it looked like crap.

I pulled it out of the bag when I got home and could have cried. I paid $33.50 for a rainbow in a pot and got:


I honestly thought someone ran their finger through it, blending the shades together and ruining the initial veining when I remembered she opened a new pack for me right in front of me.

But all hope was not lost, just because it wasn't as asthetically pleasing as it's past interweb friends' pics, it wasn't a total loss.


O-kay so not the greatest swatch on the planet.

It's even more pretty in real life, but with the crap blur shot you see the multishimmer. Make it huge. You'll see! You'll all see!! :D

So I've forgiven it for not being pretty, I'm trying to think of it as being already blended in the pot. That makes my initial upset simmer down. Preblended Lightscapade. Yeah, that's what I think....


  1. SO JEALOUSSSSSSSSSS. It sucks that you didn't get a rainbow one but it's still purrty! ^__^

  2. It looks lovely on the skin, shame it's not so exciting in the pan :(

  3. SWEARWORDS PALE, lol! It IS very pretty!