Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team Pink Eye Project and Giveaway!

Hullo joes!

This post is a little different than my usual EOTD's because this one actually has a purpose! Imagine that, I AM good for something sometimes :)

As a bunch of you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Each Friday in October a group of bloggers will post something pink and host a giveaway. The cool thing about the giveaways, you can get entered for ALL OF THEM for that week when you donate at least $5 here to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The giveaway is being sponsored by Team Pink Eye and the shop and not Komen.

After you've donated, the name you've donated under as well as your email address to contact you if you've won. You may also enter the other giveaways from the other bloggers just mention on their comments that you've donated along with your name donated under with your email address for contact.

So to make it easier incase I've lost you:

1. Donate at least $5 here.
2. Enter the giveaway by commenting with the name you donated under and your email address
3. Head to the other blogs (found here Team Pink Eye blog ) hosting for that week tell them your donated name and email address
4. Eat some gummie bears.
5. Check out the Team Pink Eye blog to find out what's happening next week and the winners

Giveaways will run from the time they are posted until 10 PM CST Sunday, at which point Rebecca and Frances (the awesome brain duo behind this excellent idea) will handle the comment counts and draw a winner via Winners will be announced and emailed Monday, and their info passed along to the shop owners to remit the prize.

I hope I'm not forgetting anything!

Anywhosies, here's my pink eye!!

I used mostly Sugarpill cosmetics.


I used:
TSFI Candlelight
Lid: SP Birthday Girl Chromalust
Crease: SP Poison Plum
Browbone: Aromaleigh Tutu
Lower inner corner: SP Tako
Liner: Physicians Formula Glam Brown eyes gel liner
Lower lashline: SP Dollipop
Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves

And the company sponsoring a giveaway for this here blog is Simply Sweet Skin!
They've kindly donated a Think Pink set for you.

The set is:

"Sweet Pink Icing" whipped creme soap - 2 ounce jar
"Sweet Pink Icing" creamy body6 souffle' - 2 ounce jar
"Sweet Pink Icing" Perfume Oil Spray
"Pretty in Pink" Lip Honey - 5g jar
cherry ring made by "The Crafty Owl"

The owner Catina is also selling 5 more sets with all proceeds to TPE!! So if you don't want to wait for the results you can hop on over and buy a set anyways :D

Make sure to check out the Team Pink Eye Blog to see who else is having giveaways and see the winners!

And next week you can give your luck another chance, check out the new bloggers' looks, donate another minimum $5 and BAMMO NEW GIVEAWAYS!

Good luck!!



  1. Sugarpill looks so pretty on you! I really need to get some. I donated under Amanda Deering and my email is amanda at karmicdreaming dot net.

  2. I've never really noticed Dollipop it's a great color. I've not tried SP but I need to get on it.

    I donated as TheVelvetRosePetal (the name

  3. Super duper pretty! I love the inner corner!
    I donated as Pretty Erin and my email is pretty at erinmikesell dot com!

  4. Your look is frackin sweet!! Also, I have no gummy bears *fist shake*

  5. Really pretty and sparkly!!

    I donated as karlatrx and my email is karlatrx AT gmail DOT com.

    Thank you very much!

  6. I love SSS! I donated as Kendra, using kendraberry at hotmail dot com.

  7. I love the pink eyebrows! And well, everything else, too. The pink looks great on you!

    I donated under the name Jessi M and my email address is jessi(dot)mckinney(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Your eye make me happy!!! Very pretty
    I donated as Christie Brooks
    christiebrooks at att dot net

  9. I love that you did pink brows too!

  10. I really love that gloss, so pretty!
    I donated as Annamonster tingley.anna at