Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meow Halloween 2011

Meow Cosmetics has just released their Halloween collections so that means the return of past awesome collections and the introduction of THREE NEW ONES!!


As well as another new one released a weekish ago. Yeah, I add "ish" to words to make them make sense to me...


1st off "X"

Then there is the Zombie Apocalypse

Then the Four Horsemen

And the collection the released just recently, Pandora's Box

I think in the end it's 41 new shades, 1 glow powder and 1 blush. I could go back and count again. Could. But won't! LOTS! That's all you need to know. :D

For the past Halloween collections here are my favourites from each collection:

Alien Abduction: Radiation Glow Powder. THIS STUFF ROCKS! Wear it on top your blush and you get a pretty nifty sweet greenish glow. It comes in a 10gr jar so you can get your blush brush right on in there.

Dance of Death: Asylum (intense sparkly teal), Cadaver (GREEN OF SPOOKY AWESOME), Spellbinding (one of the prettiest, rainbow sparkliest hilights I own) and the best for last, out of like EVERYTHANG COFFIN EYELINER!
COFFIN COFFIN COFFIN. Just get a sample if you're not sure, but I promise you IT'S THE GREATEST, BEST LOOSE EYELINER ON THE PLANET.
And if you don't think so, well. I'll just have to send my rabid penguins after you.

Friday the 13th: Spell (one of the few blues that don't look hooker-blue on me thanks to that awesome greeny sheen on top), Accident (looks innocent in the pot but goes on dark with crazy red action happening)

Halloween Zombies:
Skelecat (I really can't say no to anything with that green sheen...), Full Moon (I think I have 2 or 3 of these now. Iridescenty goodness)

And there are also their Frightening Foundations and Indelible Paints pages. I never do anything for Halloween that includes getting mah face on, so I have nothing from these pages, so no personal experience gooders to point out. Hah. Gooders.

Here are a few swatches I did last year on some of the older collections. I may do some more depending on how my weekend is gonna roll.

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I love this time of the year! SECOND WHEEE(!!!) OF THE POST!


  1. I really hope I get a job and one paycheck so I can pick up a few of these before the 31st... Not holding my breath, though. But even so, I might order one or five if I don't buy anything today.

  2. I'm so slow in the brain, I didn't even realise the X collection was X-files -___- I was just like OMG SUCH AWESOME NAMES *flails*

  3. ah! you're the second one i see posting products from meow cosmetics, and I get the urge to get me some of those pigments!!!
    let's see if there will be some purchasing!
    thanks for teasing me, i needed this!!