Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Sleek, You Anger Me Greatly

So long ago if you remember I had my "do not want Sleek Makeup because they totally screwed up when trying to do a customer appreciation sale" phase (I linked Ana cuz she does rants like a pro and has more info).

Then I decided to give them a chance and placed a big order. It was packaged nicely and everything came intact.

Fast-forward to now and I'm not very pleased anymore.

I'm trying to cut back on all the crap I buy so I decided I wanted two inexpensive palettes from Sleek Makeup. They came out with a Nude Collection and the PPQ Me, Myself and Eye palettes and I thought, "Oh goody! They're only $10.50!" I even asked my dude if I could order them, which I never do because if he says no I'm still going to buy stuff anyways, but I thought I'd be nice and make him feel included on my decision making :D

Shipping was $13.50, which sounds high but it was coming from overseas so I'm not going to complain about that.

What I am going to complain about is CRAPPY EFFING PACKAGE MARKING!

When you ship products to another country, the value of the package




So lucky me, Sleek marks my package as having a value of $34.50 USD.

Uhhhh no.

Fuck that. 2 palettes = $21 kthx

So why does this piss me off? Because the lovely customs people just LOVE grabbing packages and thanks to the price screw up I ended up paying TAXES ON SHIPPING! And of course good ol currency conversion is in action here also (which is why you see $35.67 not $34.50 on customs page)

According to Canada Post, orders over $20 can get held on to for taxing. My order would have been $21 had it been marked correct, over the threshhold by a buck, but I doubt they would have been that douchetastic to still tax my package for a dollar overrage. Who knows. What I do know is I'm pissed for paying tax on shipping! Growl.

In the end these cheap $10.50 palettes ended up costing me $25 EACH!

But the extra ooey gooey buttercream icing on the rantcake is they sent the palettes in a bubble mailer instead of a box like last time so...



I love spending $50 when I'm trying to save money, only to receive damaged goods...

I've emailed Sleek Friday telling them why I was upset and have still not heard anything back from them.

Sometimes I tend to overreact (ORLY!?) so let me know, would you be pissed off too?
Or should I go rob a Lindor factory and shove truffles down my throat (HAPPY PILLS!) to calm my bitter ass down?


  1. They'll never respond to e-mails. They're incompetent fuckers. I just don't have enough swear words for how angry Sleek's shit service makes me.

    Spam the living hell out of their Facebook page and they might, eventually, pay attention to you. Although it will probably be sending you a new palette and marking the value at $140 so you have to pay a buttload for it.

  2. Chocolate, always.
    And I'd be pissed too, very!

  3. I would be pissed and eat some Lindor truffles. Boo Sleek you suck

  4. Ouch, that's completely unprofessional, both the value thing and the lack of communication. Have you tried both emailing directly and using the contact form? I had some issues with ASOS once (with lots of 'we fixed it' and 'still wrong') and they only replied when I used the form, even though all their emails claimed that I could just reply directly.
    I'm not sue if they actually need to refund the difference you paid in taxes, I was told by my delivery guy not to accept parcels if the taxes didn't match up with the actual value, because I wouldn't have much of a chance to get my money back. But maybe Canada's nicer about that kind of thing.
    The broken shadow definitely needs to be replaced. The fact that it's completely crumbled while the others are fine looks more like it's due to a pressing issue than just the bad packaging. Complain a lot, publicly and loudly (I'm being a hypocrite, because I hate the whole complaining thing and avoid it as much as I can).

    *hands over more Lindor* You have excellent taste in chocolate, now I may have to buy some.

  5. Wow, I've never heard of anyone including shipping fees in the declared value. That's just bizarre.

    Go eat plenty of Lindor truffles. The stracciatella ones are super yummy, and I'm not usually into white chocolate.

  6. In the US, you can't even add shipping fees to the value for stuff, USPS won't accept it.

    Throw a tantrum on their facebook page, show people the pictures, tell them that Sleek is refusing to answer you. Even if Sleek can't man up, someone else will see it and word will get around.

    Maybe try calling your bank/cc company up too and start a dispute. Say the products were damaged when you received them due to improper packaging and that Sleek is refusing to respond to your inquiries.

  7. Oh, and I'm queueing a short post for tomorrow directing people to this entry. A signal boost can't hurt.

    Also, would you object to my making a YouTube video about the problems with Sleek and including this mess? I'd be posting it Sunday or Monday.

  8. I think you're entitled to be pissed off. You had to pay for a company's mistake; I'd be pissed off too.

  9. When did Canada Post's handling fee increase from $5 - another money grab of course since they didn't win anything from the last postal strike!! I just got two Sleek Palettes as well but got them through eBay & thankfully they were not only in great condition but mailed to me in a box! They came from VanityPalace.

  10. That's just total incompetence! How can a company make such a stupid mistake on a customs form. *Bangs head on wall* - for goodness sake Sleek, sort yourselves out!

  11. @Shattered you may :)

    @everyone else I'll get back to you in a bit, Freakin work time now :( Boo work, anyone wanna go in for me? :D

  12. Man, that is some shit right there. Pardon my French. That's why I just get CPs, I can't be bothered with their shipping, customs, and bs. Ugh, sorry :(

  13. Living in the UK, this happens to me ALL the time. Thing is, at least we get told that we're taxed on the total value including postage, so at least we can be prepared. This blows, on a large scale!

  14. Ewwwwwwww. And they arrived busted?! Screw Sleek.

  15. This is why I've never tried anything from this company. I'd never heard of them before their shitty sale fiasco several months ago and Ana posted about it. I'd rather go with what I know and love than to deal with this.

  16. Fuck that shit! I'd be PISSED. Forget Sleek.

  17. Fucking hell man, I'd be pissed too! If it were me I'd write them an all caps email and look like a psycho in the process but it'd be totally worth it. I hope they reply to your email and fix this shit. >:| I only have 3 Sleek products and none of them were bought through the site, and I never will buy through the site. Resellers on Ebay ftw >____>

  18. WTF??????????? I hate when the customs people get you, and it sucks when it's because THEY marked the wrong freakin' price on the envelope!!! And then you opened it and it was wrecked??? I would have been flaming pissed!!! This happened to me with Smashbox when I ordered from them online, they labelled something wrong and I ended up paying $50 in customs on some sale items that I ordered that cost $25 in total. ARGH!!!!!!!