Friday, July 16, 2010

Aromaleigh Lost In Faerie


When I got back from holidays I had a lil package waiting for me. Inside, AROMALEIGH'S LOST IN FAERIE SAMPLES!!

W000ty w00t!

This collection along with Victoria's Revenge totally made me think of Sugar and Spice. VR being Spice and LIF being sweet sweet Sugar baby!

They are soft colours with teensy sparks and would be good if someone wanted more colour in their life but not BAM IN YOUR FACE!

The really odd part is my favourite shade of the collection is Elette. It's a really pretty grey shade.

That's right, not a gold or bright yellow but grey! I never thought I'd say I love a grey but I kinda wish I bought 2.

So I can thank Aromaleigh for making me love a neutral :)

I was going to swatch but I got a new camera and they weren't focusing enough but I used the camera to snap pics of the EOTD's I've been making this week.

First up, my fav combo this week using:

Lid: Elette (uber pretty grey)
Crease: Donella (light brown)
Darken the crease a bit: Zanna (dark brown)
Browbone: Oyster (Carolina Mattes)


Hurrah for horrible coverage rimmel foundation :D

Baggy shot!

Next a sort of rainbow pink look:

Inner corner: Celinette (very pretty mustard yellow)
Mid lid: Olinda (pink)
Outter lid and crease: Alina (darker pink, I rock at descriptions!)
Browbone: Rosina (shimmery white)
Lower lash line: Annysia (spring green)

And a 3rd look using LIF and a dormant dream item and a regular item

I used:
Lid: Lorelei eye lustre
Crease: Trixy (dark teal blue)
Browbone: Terpischore (If everone had one of these in their makeup bag, the world would be a better place...)
Lower lash line: Meliora (pale blue)

It's not 100% my favourite look (seems a bit washed out with no liner) but I could have fixed it with some liner. Dang time restrictions! Lorelei is an awesome colour. I bought one sans sample bag, I just knew it was in the yellow gold family so I'll automatically think it's awesome possum.

I'll keep playing around. I bought the whole collection so I don't have to be ascurred of wasting the baggies now! I'm looking at them as I type, just came in today. They say "HAI!" :)

Off to put Elette on my toast now.


  1. I like all 3 but I think the first one is my favorite. Very pretty! :)

  2. The first one is so beautiful on you. I think I'm going to copy tomorrow. I also just love #2 - that's my fav. Pink and greens are so pretty together. Your application is perfect too. :)

  3. I really like how velvety your lid looks in the first one.

  4. I especially love the first look, very pretty and the colors work nicely together. Gorgeous!

  5. Very pretty, i love the first one, Suspect Device is almost the same colour as your skin but not quite and a diferent texture which makes it so interesting :)

  6. Yay! Thanks Michelle!

    Thank you so much Betty Ray! I like hearing when people wanna copy :) It means I did something right :D

    Thank you Phyrra! I blame you too for my new found neutral lovin', ever since you've found some great neutrals lol

    Thank you Nini! So far number 1 is number 1! :D

    Thanks Lillian!! At first I wasn't a fan of it because it looked really bright and different in the jar but it grew on me!