Saturday, July 17, 2010

Suds N Sass blues

My mister went in to work today so that meant I could spend allll the time I wanted on my makeup, he wasn't there to rush me :)

I had no actual plan in mind, I just knew I wanted to play with some more Suds N Sass shades. And Piercing Parlor was grey/silver so that was to be the main colour, with my new greys obsession and all :D

The stuff!

I used:
Lid: Piercing Parlor
Crease: Poolside
Slightly above crease and inner corners: Surfs Up
Liner: UD Zero with Tattoo shop patted on top. This shade is super sparkly and is best to treat it like a glitter and use it on top a sticky base.
cheeks: Raspberry Snow Cone
Lips: Avon Classic Nude gloss

It ended up looking more blue in the end but that's okay :)

And shopped for FIERCENESSITY!

Coupon code until July 31st is still: hovercatmittens
for 15% off.

Bye now!


  1. Very pretty, i love the blue with your eyes :)

  2. I love the blue hue, very pretty! x

  3. Doood! This looks crazy beautiful with your eyes! :)

  4. Thanks Lillian! I always get worried the blue will make me all "Mimi"-like hahaha

    Thank you VampiressDoll! :)

    Thank you Kathyeffingjacobs! :D I went a leeeeetle overboard with the liner but I said Fuck it, I feel like heavy liner day!

    Thank ya Phyrra! :)

  5. Love this look on you. The soft blue paired with the intense liner is awesome on you.