Friday, July 2, 2010

Last EOTD for le WEEK!

Howdy howdy,
I take off to the airport in a little bit here, so this is my airplane look. Darker than I planned, whoops!
I won't be able to post EOTD's for a week. Sure my Oma has the computernet but I don't know if she has anything for cropping pics, and I'd rather keep my pics on my computer.

Now, here be ze LOOK!
I used Aromaleigh's Victoria's Revenge collection.

FPE just on main lid
Lid: Mania's Locus (sold out by now I do believe)
Crease: Freakshow
Outter V thang: Obscura
Above crease not quite to brow: Infernal Chaos
Browbone highlight: Twilight supernatural powder Lustre
Lower lash line: Freakshow
Inner corner lower lash line: Airy Ethos
Joe Fresh felt liner
Maybelline Falsies mascara



  1. ooh I like this! That lid color is really pretty.

  2. I am loving all the looks you've been posting lately! Happy Belated Canada, girlie. :)

    In have been lax about posting comments to you lately, but I've been checking in 'cause you're you're awesome.

    Enjoy your trips, and etc.!

  3. Looks nice!!

    I didn't realize so many of the VR colors were sold out. There are about eight colors left, and that's it!! I'm glad I placed my orders when I did - the only shade that was sold out was Skeleton Key, which I wasn't too interested in anyway.

    Enjoy your trips!!

  4. Very pretty! Have a blast :> I'll miss ya!

  5. I ended up ordering Mania's Locus along with two other now sold out shades a few days ago! Victoria's Revenge all sold out so fast! Btw this looks is lovely :)

  6. This is such a cool colour combo :D I was looking at it and in my brain I was like "I really like that crease colour.....but wait, I like the lid colour too! :O" so I love this look in general :3

  7. Beautiful :) I love silly faces too!

  8. You look great! You should make your face like that the whole time you are in the airport. :-P

  9. Spanks everyboddeh!! I had so much friggin fun I'm still not caught up on ANYTHING! (Makeup wise that is, I actually got the unpacking done in like record time) I spent 2 hrs going through pictures (1013 total) to pic out my favs (245ish or something) so now I have to pic my super duper favs and shove them on Flickr for my momma to lurk in on. Holy crapoly batman. Can't wait til I can get back to normal land!