Saturday, July 17, 2010


While I was still sick in the head I saw a super duper look over at Clever Endeavor and I wanted to copycat it. I didn't get time until yesterday with the whole vacationy stuff, makeup melting off in extreme temps/new makeups to try ooot.

Also, the camera was being a lamewad and only 1 pic didn't turn out blurry. Imma go shove this bitch in the microwave now.

I used:

Lid: Aromaleigh Suspectdevice
Crease: Fyrinnae Bite Me
Browbone: Annabelle Solar
Liner: Joe Fresh felt liner
Lower lash liner: MAC Pearlglide Intense BlackLine

Blurry schmurry.

Also on a side note, I can see the makeup police are trying to pick out what blogs they deem worthy of their viewing pleasure. And that by getting products sent for review, they'll get less than honest results. Seriously?

For one, I blog because I love colours and it's a great way to keep track of the looks I've done and what makeup I've used. Views and comments are a welcome bonus but I won't go cry in a corner without them. At the end of the day, it's for MEH. Selfish? Totally, but it's my blog and it's like a big ol journal with pics and if someone doesn't like what I say in it, oh well, you can't tell me what I can or can't write about and how I write about it. If I wanted to start writing about laying cement, I will. But I won't because I think that's so fucking boring. :)

2, they make it sound like because of the blog we'll just get tossed freebies and walk away.
Yes I was sent the AL Lost in Faerie collection. I also bought the entire collection with my own money. Same with Victoria's Revenge, I think I ended up with 12 f/s from there. If I see a colour I like, I'll buy it. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't buy it DUHHH. When Suds N Sass allows orders to go through, I'll buy my favs and some perfume there also. (Which reminds me, you still have 2 weeks to use the "hovercatmittens" coupon code to save 15% if you want)

So the moral of the story is, I really gotta stop lurking at that shit for a site and keep doing my own thing. If I wanted cheap chuckles I should have just gone here instead...


  1. Pretty look. I love the colors and placement.

    I started my blog just so I could keep track of stuff. If someone else enjoys it, that's a bonus. Some days is makeup or perfume, other days it's 3D "art", and sometimes it's just rambling about whatever.

    I did get Victoria's Revenge and Lost in Faerie samples sent to me to review, but I was planning on buying them anyway. I wish I could have bought more full sizes of both collections. But I did at least manage to get my favorites.

  2. That's a very pretty near-neutral look!!

    People who think that a blog that gets free samples must obviously be biased and therefore won't be objective (and therefore shouldn't be read) can fall into a couple of camps (and there's some overlap between the camps):

    * folks who are jealous that others are getting freebies and they're not
    * folks who have concerns about free product samples influencing the "slant" of the review
    * folks who have concerns about free product samples influencing what is reviewed, period

    I admit, I sort of fall into the latter two camps - but not because I think that bloggers who receive free samples are inherently dishonest, or even because I think they won't try their hardest to give objective reviews. I do believe that getting freebies probably influences which products get reviewed, if only beauty bloggers only have so many hours in their day. I think that a fraction of bloggers are influenced to give products a slightly more positive review if they received the product for free - but I don't think that a bad review will be turned into a good one.

    And I'm about to launch into a big ol' rant all over your blog. I think I'll have another Starbucks and go spew the bulk of my wordage all over my own blog, instead of cluttering up other folks' comments with full length essays.

    I think I can guess which forum you're hanging out at. Why keep slamming your hand in a car door? Just let them have their say. They'll thrash about, get their yayas out away from folk who don't place any credence in their opinions, and you won't get an ulcer. Sounds like a winner deal all around to me.

  3. Very pretty look, i love the reddish crease and the gold highlight on your brow bone :)

  4. I like it too :) Nice neutral look, very pretty!

  5. I love neutral lids with colorful creases <3

    I didn't know what you were talking about, then I hit up that good old forum to see what was up. My blog has its own subforum? Although I don't agree with the site and it's intentions, I really do like knowing the fact that I'm considered an unbiased blogger.

    Also, it's not like getting free stuff makes you only gush about the product... I got a bunch of free samples from a company I'm going to review this week, and I plan on being 100% honest. The owner even asked for me to be that way, so she could see what areas she needs to work on. I think most company owners feel that way. The other thing to think about is that if they're willing to send someone a free product to review, they probably already know it's good and just want to get the word out, you know?

  6. I LOVE the highlight color you used here.

    I also think it's crazy to believe that reviewers are going to give less than honest reviews because they receive free products. Look at Temptalia, she receives a TON of free products, yet I still feel like she grades products fairly and that I can trust a review on her site. I also trust Musing of a Muse's site for reviews, too.

    I may receive some things for free, but I purchase a TON of makeup, too. So it's insulting when people say that reviewers won't give honest reviews if they receive products. Some sites may be that way, but I doubt that the majority of the good ones out there are that way.

  7. Fffft, thanks for the copy cattage, it's really quite flattering.

    It's pretty sad to see people harping on those who are lucky enough to receive something free for reviewing; get over it, you know? The world is neither fair nor unbiased.

  8. Thanks Michelle, I wish I coulda gotten more VR jars, they just sold so freakin fast it was hard to tell which was gonna sell out first :S

    Thank you LiAnn! You are so right about the car door slamming action lol. I have not popped in since :D

    Thank you Lillian and Nea! :)

    Hiya Heather! Thank you! One day I hope I can be seen as unbiased (not to the meanie face people, they don't count lol) but I've really only tried maybe 4 or 5 companies. And once I find stuff I like I go nuts and spend all my money there and have none left for other places hahaha.
    And you are super right about the "getting the word out" part. Even if I don't have mad swatching skills I hope someone can see the EOTD's and go "hey!! I NEEDZ THAT GOLD".
    One of the reasons I started this blog (I can't believe I forgot this part) was I was getting angered, whenever I tried to find swatches of a product, they were very limited. I like to see how something actually looks compared to what they (any company MAC, Bourjois, anyyyyone) say it looks like. So I hope I help people out there as well. Fuck I went into ramble mode. Whoops!

    Thanks Phyrra!!
    I LOOOOOVE Temptalia. I got to see her give a big ol F the other day. Made me giggle :D And you are totally honest when it comes to stuff flopping on you, or if the price seems insane for what it is. I just don't get the dealio with some people. Oh well :)

    Howdy ladeh! You're welcome, I saw it and had to yoink it! And it got me to use Suspectdevice again! (I'm always wondering what the hell to pair that one with!)