Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bunny Faerie with Fyrinnae!

O hai!

Today was a Fyrinnae kinda day. Yeah. I rhymed.

I wanted a girly girl look but don't have any Fyrinnae pinks so I used a pinkish purple instead.

I used:

Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Snow Bunny
Crease: Digital Faerie
Browbone: Orion's Belt
Lower lash line: Freya
Water line: Nyx Milk
Upperliner: MSCHIC Astral Shine

Face: craptastic Rimmel somethingorother
Aromaleigh Parfait powder
Joe Fresh Rose blush

Lips: Fyrinnae Mega Hold

Yick I hate my full face shots. I always look drunk or slow or something.


  1. LOVE IT!
    I love Digital Faerie. I need to try Snow Bunny.
    Really cute :>

  2. Beautiful look! Love the white on the water line. Also liking the Mega Hold on the lips!

  3. Oh wow beautiful! I love Fyrinnae so much. The lips look great on you.

  4. Thanks Phyrra, I'm amazed you don't have it being a purple!

    Hey the Peach! Thank you! I yoinked the NYX white water line idea from Blix, she does it all the time and I keep wanting to but forget :s

    Thank you Lillian! I was worried about the lips. I did end up putting a little pink over top to dull out some of the frost. I'm sure my dude didn't even notice though lol