Monday, July 26, 2010

Can Haz it be Halloween Tyme yet?!?


Autumn and Winter are my favourite parts of the year. In the last couple of years they've become even more special because..... NEW MAKEUP COLLECTIONS!

When I found a red halloween mascara 3 years ago, I knew that I had to keep my eyes open for more things. Holiday makeup is my favourite because companies just seem to put forth more of an effort, whether it be the pretty packaging or the beautiful sparkly creations inside. I'm not saying they usually just toss a bunch of stuff together the rest of the year, just saying the holiday collections seem to be more special somehow. More bright, more deep, more sparkly.

Meow Cosmetics is no different. At one time I had more Meow than anything because of their many, many vibrant Halloween collections last year. I HAD to have them! I caved and snagged the entire Friday the 13th set just from the site swatches and descriptions alone. At Christmas time I used my head a taaaad bit more. I grabbed samples of everything and then decided. However I think there were only maybe 10 (not including the Holiday Spirits collection) that I didn't get full size of. I have different types of lighting in this apartment so if a shade doesn't pass the dining room test (that light seems to bring out the sparkly undertones the best) then I skip past it.

(The whole having many Meow shadows was also because I am a gold fiend. Have you not seen the Egyptian Treasures collection!!?!)

So I really can't wait for the new collections to start rolling out, or maybe repeats of the older ones just so I can snag some I wanted but didn't get (Jack-O-Lantern! Spiderweb!) or backups of ones I've actually used the most (yup I did use some a LOT, which is rare for me! Skelecat, Full Moon, Spellbinding!)

Here's my EOTD using halloween shades.

Lid: Spellbinding (Friday the 13th)
Crease: Blood Lust (Zombies)
Browbone: Full Moon (Zombies)
Liner: Coffin (Dance of Death) One of the prettiest liners I own. I did get a backup of this already JUSTINCASE!
Lower liner: Accident (Friday the 13th)

(As always, click to blow them up HUGE and check out the pretty tones in the Full Moon, Coffin and Accident especially!!)

Bring on the dead leaves and snow, BABY!!


  1. That liner is so purrrrrrrrty on you :D idk how I skipped over the Egyptian collection, because I have this urge to collect every gold eyeshadow in the world :|

  2. I know what you mean I LOVE Halloween. It's my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite time of year. Nothing beats the smell of leaves, fire, and hot apples cider.
    I really like this look it suits your coloring and omg the rust red in the crease is gorgeous. Ooo I want to see your Meow collection now. XD

  3. I LOVE THIS LOOK <3 It may be my favorite you've done. I love rust and gold together.

    I am so excited for fall/Halloween too :D Has to be my favorite time of year for sure. I love Christmas and presents and all, but I sure hate snow, and I get real sick of smelling all the cinnamon/pine scented shit. Plus Halloween means TERRIFYING MOVIES, and celebrating ghosts and creepy paranormal shit that I love! Chai tea lattes, working in a toasty Arby's while it's brisk outside... omg I am getting so excited.

    Also I am excited for the Friday the 13th collection, there's a couple colors I want to get full sizes of this time. Weirdly enough since everyone loves the Egyptian collection, I did not like the colors when I got them... I think it was because I had a lot of similar stuff but from dumb repackagers. So of course now I don't have anything like them. *sigh* Meow really gets me with all their great LE collections :D

  4. This is gorgeous, captures the Autumn vibe nicely.
    Bring on Autumn!!!
    I think I shall be making my first Meow purchase today :)

  5. I love this look too! I haven't gotten any of the halloween colors yet, I started buying minerals again last December, but I did snag up a bunch of the Christmas ones that are some of my absolute faves! I can't wait for the fall!!!

  6. "Bring on the dead leaves and snow, BABY!!"

    I totally love you!!!

  7. This is a GORGEOUS look on you!

  8. I agree with you about Halloween makeup, people really seem to go all out making the collections fun and exciting. The look is stunning! I love that copper eyeliner :)

  9. Beautiful!!! I love halloween the best... my favorite scent ever is actually reminiscent of fall/winter and it's called Samhain (Goth Rosary). I'm psyched about the haloween collections coming out!!!

  10. Hiya Silhouette!!! You must get ASP! The swatch online doesn't make it look that good, but it IS!

    Hi Pixie! Halloween time is just so darn cozy! You get 2 turkey dinners in a 2 month span, lots of pumpkin pie, who WOULDN'T LOVE IT!! Here's my Meow - the sample bags. It's kinda dwarfed by my AL collection but still dreammmmmy :)

    Thank you Heather!!!!! Yay!! I love when someone says it's a fav!! :D And you just mentioning Chai Tea Lattes made me VERY THIRSTY! Lol. Did you grab any samples from those 2 new collections?

    Thanks Thia! I will try to do more halloween/xmas looks so you can get loads of swatchiness from me :)

    lol Thanks Cin!! :D Best time of the year!

    Thank you Marcey! I was a bit worried everyone was gonna be all "WOMAN YOU ALREADY DID THIS COMBOish!" But I'm happy to see it was liked :)

    Thank you Lillian :) Coffin is the bestest!

    Hi T! I love autumn-y scents. Or anything that smells like dead leaves lol. Ulalume is my favourite Bpal. mmmm dead leaves lol