Sunday, April 24, 2011

Annabelle Cosmetics Day Dream Spring 2011

I found a wicked bright surprise in my drugstore today. Annabelle released their Day Dream Spring collection. In it was 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipglosses and I saw 2 glitter liners and there were a couple of other things but I got sidetracked swatching the testers in the display!

First impression? I am in LUURRRVVEEE DUDE!

These are BRIGHT! And MATTE! And awesomely PIGMENTED! And just $4.99 ea! I have other Annabelle mono's but these 4 are my favs so far, they seem more pigmented than last year's spring collection (there was a pink, teal, cream and can't remember the 4th)

The little pans are the exact size as MAC pro pan refills. You can put these in a MAC palette but you will need to buy a strip of magnet to cut and stick to the back of the pans. Annabelle has a empty quad they sell and the palette is magnetised so no extra work is needed there. I only had 3 spaces left in my MAC palette so these new bad boys got to find a home in the empty Annabelle quad I bought on sale last year, so it now feels less lonely being filled :D

The shades I picked up are: Reverie (bright blue), Airhead (purple), Dayglow (bright acid yellow), Dollywood (pretty pink)

Ohhhh pretty blue I love youuuu


  1. Whoa! Those look awesome. I love Dayglow!

  2. I've been eying this brand for a while. Such beautiful pastels. They remind me of Easter!

    Fierce Nerditude

  3. It's so hard to find a good yellow! that one looks good

  4. Sweet! I have a couple of Annabelle 4 pan palettes myself. They are a great price and the quality of the shadows is decent. I haven't seen these new pastels, I shall have to go check them out!

  5. These look awesome! I never discovered Annabelle when I was in Canada :(